Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also GROWTH MANAGEMENT)
Campers/RVs, wastewater from, illicit discharge prevention programs: HB 2507
Cash out programs, for employees with parking subsidy, requirements: HB 2748
Facilities, public, impact on ethnically diverse/high poverty areas, mitigating: HB 1724, * SHB 1724, CH 375 (2019), SB 5679, SSB 5679
Fee violations, ticket issuance by RTA or PTBA: SB 5673
Fees, for parking in DOT or public entity park-and-ride lots: SB 5673
Motorcycles, parking methods: EHB 1058, SB 5653, * SB 6565, CH 163 (2020)
Narrow track vehicles, definition and parking: HB 1510, ESHB 1510
Off-street parking facilities, city-owned property used for, sales of: HB 1083, * SHB 1083, CH 254 (2019)
Off-street parking, for accessory dwelling units near major transit stop, when: * ESSB 6617, CH 217 (2020)
Park and ride lots, fees for parking in: SB 5673
Park and ride lots, private employer transportation service vehicle use of: HB 1957, SB 5896, SSB 5896
Safety rest areas along highways, parking at: * SB 5506, CH 436 (2019)
Time restriction enforcement, using automated license plate recognition: HB 1663, HB 2566, SB 5529
Van accessible spaces for persons with disabilities, use requirements: SB 5253, SSB 5253