Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also EMERGENCIES; FIRE PROTECTION)
Catastrophic incidents, plans and guidance for school districts: HB 1200, SB 5247, SSB 5247
Earthquakes, catastrophic incident planning relevant to: HB 1200, SB 5247, SSB 5247
Earthquakes, functional recovery building standard and task force: SSB 5247, SB 5557, SSB 5557
Earthquakes, impact on buildings, incentives and grants to reduce risk: SB 5557, SSB 5557
Oso landslide victims, their families, survivors, and responders, remembering and honoring: * HR 4623 (2019), * SR 8628 (2019)
Post-traumatic stress injuries, importance of educating victims and public, recognizing: * SR 8625 (2019)
Volcano early warning and monitoring, urging congress to address: SJM 8019, SSJM 8019
Work group on natural disaster and resiliency activities, creating: HB 1040, SHB 1040, SB 5106, * SSB 5106, CH 388 (2019)