Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Allied forces, veterans of, remembrance emblem for license plates: HB 2013
Austin, Charles "Chuck" Walter, staff sergeant, retired, U.S. marine corps, honoring: * HR 4637 (2019)
Caregivers and spouses, military, recognizing: * HR 4645 (2020), SR 8658
Child care, military families' access to child care and early learning supports program: HB 1144
Child care, working connections, service member eligibility: HB 1141
Clark, Regina, petty officer first class, naming SR-507 bridge as Regina Clark memorial bridge: HJM 4007, * SHJM 4007 (2019)
Died in service, gold star license plates, issuance: HB 1197, * SHB 1197, CH 210 (2019), SB 5783
Disabilities, members with, adaptive agricultural equipment tax preferences: HB 1736, SHB 1736
Drivers' licenses, commercial, instructional course waiver for military members: ESSB 5544
Drivers' licenses, commercial, knowledge test waiver for military members: HB 2188, SB 5544
Drivers' licenses, commercial, skills examination waiver for military members, discontinuing: ESSB 5544
Families, military, receiving services from state, work group on, convening: HB 1812, SHB 1812
Gold Star memorial highway, requesting that WSTC name SR-902 as: HJM 4016
Impounded motor vehicles, sale of, servicemember exception: HB 1410, SB 5463
Installations, incompatible development near, projects to address: HB 1628, SHB 1628
Installations, infrastructure to support, new account for grants for: SB 5748, * SSB 5748, CH 404 (2019)
Japanese-American veterans, incarcerees, and civil rights activists, recognizing: * HR 4610 (2019), * SR 8620 (2019)
Killed in line of duty, spousal survivors, property tax exemption: SB 5049
License plates, special, Purple Heart plates, fees exemption, when: * HB 2058, CH 139 (2019)
License plates, special, remembers plates, creating: HB 2139
Members, POW's or MIA, remembers license plates, creating: HB 2139
Members, professional practice without state credential, when: HB 2303
Members, provisional occupational license: HB 2534
Members, students who are, as higher education "resident student": HB 2543
Members, with disabilities, recreational/rehabilitation facility, tax exemptions: HB 1972, SB 5890
Military benefit zones, creating to finance public improvements: HB 1386, SHB 1386, SB 5571, SSB 5571
Military reservation, recreational/rehabilitation facility on, tax exemptions: HB 1972, SB 5890
Monument, global war on terror, service members who died in, work group: SB 5712
National guard, college tuition/fees waiver, eligibility: HB 1178, * E2SHB 2158, CH 406 (2019), SB 5231, ESB 5755
National guard, college tuition/fees waiver, eligibility of veteran's child: HB 2542
National guard, spouses/dependents, as higher education "resident student": HB 2185, SB 6116
National guard, Washington postsecondary education grant program for: HB 1201, SB 5197
National guard, Washington, recognizing and thanking: * HR 4620 (2019), * SR 8636 (2019)
National guard, wildland fire response duty, pay for: * HB 1137, CH 66 (2019), SB 5196
Navy and navy personnel, celebrating and thanking: * HR 4622 (2019)
Navy, celebrating: * SR 8640 (2019)
Nuclear attack planning, in emergency management plans: HB 1419
Nuclear war, checks and balances to reduce risk: HJM 4008, SJM 8006
Post-traumatic stress injuries, importance of educating victims and public, recognizing: * SR 8625 (2019)
Professional licensing, military assistance web pages concerning: HB 2303
Schools, enrollment of children from nonresident military family: HB 1210, * SHB 1210, CH 72 (2019), SB 5603, SSB 5603, SB 5771
Schools, military-friendly, purple star award: SB 5367
Seizure and forfeiture of property, service member protections: HB 1269, SHB 1269
Shared leave program, employee called to service in uniformed services: HB 1145, SHB 1145
Space academy, United States, in Washington, requesting that congress establish: HJM 4015
Spouses and caregivers, military, recognizing: * HR 4645 (2020), SR 8658
Spouses, military spouse liaison, creating position of: HB 2200
Spouses, military spouse recruitment program: HB 1328, SHB 1328, SB 5772
Spouses, military surviving, public employment exam scoring criteria status: HB 2487, SB 6338
Spouses, military, employment of, including hiring and tax preferences: SHB 1812
Spouses, military, professional licensing, procedures: HB 1812, SHB 1812, HB 2102
Spouses, military, professional practice without state credential, when: HB 2303, HB 2395
Spouses, military, prohibiting discrimination based on military spouse status: HB 1812
Spouses, military, provisional occupational license: HB 2534
Spouses/dependents, military, as higher education "resident student": HB 2185, HB 2543, SB 6116
Suicide, among service members and veterans, statewide plan to reduce: HB 1648, SHB 1648
Tenancy, rental, termination by armed forces member: HB 1138, * ESHB 1138, CH 23 (2019), SB 5180
Vehicle or trailer, nonresident member's, use tax exemption: HB 1944
Vehicles, military surplus, collector vehicle license plates for: HB 1993, SB 5417, SSB 5417
Vehicles, military surplus, operation on public highways: HB 1993, SB 5417, SSB 5417
Voting, ballots/envelopes and registration, digital signature use: SB 6183
Washington state guard, retirement age: HB 1372
World War II, Japanese-American veterans, recognizing: * HR 4610 (2019), * SR 8620 (2019)