Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also DEATH)
Abandoned cemeteries, lawful entry and local government role: * EHB 1801, CH 129 (2019)
Cemetery districts, commissioner compensation: SB 6046
Cemetery districts, withdrawal of territory from: HB 1802, * SB 5177, CH 42 (2019)
Cremation, alkaline hydrolysis and natural organic reduction as alternatives to: SHB 1162, * ESSB 5001, CH 432 (2019)
Cremation, as "reduction" by "reduction facilities": HB 1162, SB 5001
Cremation, restoring in sections where inadvertently left out: SSB 6501
Disposition of remains from cremation/alkaline hydrolysis/organic reduction, unlawful: SSB 6501
Disposition of remains, unlawful, changing to class C felony: SB 6501
Disposition of remains, unlawful, changing to class C felony, when: SSB 6501
Funeral director or embalmer, license examinations: * HB 1176, CH 442 (2019), SB 5125
Funeral director or embalmer, out-of-state applicant for license: SB 6465
Funeral or other expenses, use of life insurance for: SB 5346
Unidentified persons, national missing and unidentified persons system, using: * EHB 2792, CH 45 (2020)