Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also HAZARDOUS MATERIALS)
Batteries, battery stewardship program: HB 2496
Batteries, labeling and collection requirements: HB 2496
Clean-up or removal actions, by fire protection jurisdictions, cost recovery: EHB 1169, SB 6078
Environmental health statutes, reorganizing into new title: HB 2246, SHB 2246
Industrial waste coordination program and waste heat/materials use projects: HB 2079, SB 5936, SSB 5936
Model toxics control act, actions under: HB 1290, * SHB 1290, CH 95 (2019), SB 5285
Model toxics control act, actions under, mitigation hierarchy/net ecological gain: HB 2550
Model toxics control reform act, model toxics control program financial structure: SB 5993, * ESSB 5993, CH 422 (2019)
Nuclear waste, federal repository, requesting that congress, DOE, and EPA establish/develop site for: SJM 8018
Paint, architectural, stewardship program for: HB 1652, * SHB 1652, CH 344 (2019)
Plastic carryout bags, single-use, alternatives to: HB 1205, SHB 1205, 2SHB 1205, SB 5323, ESSB 5323
Plastic food packaging and food service and film products, degradability: * ESHB 1569, CH 265 (2019)
Plastic food packaging and serviceware and film products, degradability: HB 1569
Plastic food service products, single-use, prohibitions: * ESHB 1569, CH 265 (2019)
Plastic food service products, single-use, prohibitions and alternatives: HB 1632, HB 2656
Plastic food service products, single-use, reducing waste from: SHB 1632, HB 2656
Plastic packaging, prohibitions and stewardship programs: HB 1204, SB 5397
Plastic packaging, report concerning: * E2SSB 5397, CH 460 (2019)
Plastic packaging, report concerning, and stewardship plan and program: SSB 5397
Plastic pollution prevention, marine, requesting action via new trade agreements with China: SJM 8009
Sharps waste, placement in solid waste or recycling container, prohibition: HB 2360
Spokane river, regional toxics task force, establishing: HB 2113
Voluntary cleanups, of facilities, independent remedial actions: HB 1290, * SHB 1290, CH 95 (2019), SB 5285