Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Agricultural lands, of commercial significance, supporting agriculture on: SB 5259, SSB 5259
Agricultural, forest, or mineral resource lands, provisions: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Classification of land, guidelines for, analysis of effect of: SB 5524, SSB 5524
Community, fully contained, action establishing, effective date: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Comprehensive planning, challenges to, superior court review: HB 1213
Comprehensive planning, county/city real estate sales excise tax imposition: HB 1679, SB 5676, SSB 5676
Comprehensive planning, guidance for, implementation effects analysis: SB 5524, SSB 5524
Comprehensive planning, Kitsap county updates schedule: HB 1183, HB 1312
Comprehensive planning, larger counties experiencing growth: HB 1051
Comprehensive planning, mandatory, limiting to King county: SB 5915
Comprehensive planning, rural county withdrawal from, criteria: SB 5242
Critical areas, designation and protection, expert scientific opinion: HB 1233
Critical areas, designation, best available science for: SB 5245
Dwelling units, accessory, creating within urban growth areas: HB 1797, SHB 1797, SB 5812, ESSB 5812
Effective dates, initial, for certain actions under GMA: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Growth management act victims and response account, creating: HB 1978
Growth management act victims response act: HB 1978
Growth management act, repealing: HB 1214
Hearings board, certain assessments collected by, deposit of: HB 1978
Hearings board, eliminating: SB 5915
Hearings board, filing petition with, qualifications for: SB 5243
Hearings board, members of: SB 5630
Hearings board, scientific/other expert witnesses for planning jurisdictions: SB 5639
Hearings board, searchable database of decisions and orders: * SSB 5151, CH 452 (2019)
Hearings board, topical index of rules and actions: SB 5151
Housing, affordable, development on religious organization property: HB 1377, * SHB 1377, CH 218 (2019), SB 5358, SSB 5358
Housing, affordable, groundwater withdrawals for, waiving fees: HB 1982
Housing, affordable, residential parking requirements, when: * E2SHB 1923, CH 348 (2019)
Housing, affordable, supporting via GMA planning: HB 1923, SHB 1923, * E2SHB 1923, CH 348 (2019), SB 5193, SSB 5193, SB 5802
Housing, low-, very low-, and extremely low-income households: * E2SHB 1923, CH 348 (2019), SB 5440
Housing, residential building capacity and housing affordability, increasing: HB 1923, SHB 1923, * E2SHB 1923, CH 348 (2019)
Housing, tiny house as accessory dwelling unit: SB 5382, SSB 5382
Housing, tiny house communities, siting of: SB 5384, SSB 5384
Housing, transit supportive densities in residential targeted areas: SB 5353, SSB 5363
Housing, variety and balance in urban growth areas of: SB 5194
Light rail, station approval, urban density standards under GMA for: SB 5424
Manufactured/mobile home subdivisions, outside urban growth areas: HB 1600
Ombuds, growth management act, creating: HB 1978
Planning costs, local, grant program for: SB 5769
Public facilities, essential, exclusions: SB 5117
Resort, master planned, effective date for certain actions: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Rural development, limited areas of more intensive, for affordable housing: SB 5193, SSB 5193
Rural development, limited areas of more intensive, provisions: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Subdivisions, short, definition and GMA provisions: ESB 5008
Urban governmental services, expansion into rural areas, when: HB 1506, SB 5520
Urban growth areas, accessory dwelling units in: HB 1797, SHB 1797, SB 5812, ESSB 5812
Urban growth areas, action expanding, effective date: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Urban growth areas, boundaries: SB 5026, SSB 5026, SB 5194
Urban growth areas, designation for housing variety and balance: SB 5194
Urban growth areas, housing affordability zones in: SB 5802
Urban growth areas, residential use area density and housing: SB 5769
Urban growth areas, supporting agriculture on lands within: SB 5259, SSB 5259
Urban growth areas, transit supportive densities in residential targeted areas: SB 5353, SSB 5363