Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Child-placing agencies, contract evaluation: HB 1367, SB 5645
Extended foster care services, for certain youth who are 18: HB 2034
Foster parents, as "another suitable person" for placement purposes: HB 2027
Foster parents, short-term case aides for: HB 2031, SB 5096, SSB 5096
Homeschooling of foster youth by foster parents, when: HB 1760, HB 1761
Legal proceedings, foster care-related, counsel for DCYF and parents for: HB 2083, SB 5942
Permanency planning hearing, bonding and best interest assessments: HB 2028
Prevention and family services and programs, relation to foster care: * HB 1900, CH 172 (2019), SB 5826
Students, formerly in foster care, college assistance pilot program for: HB 1572, SB 5800, SSB 5800, * 2SSB 5800, CH 330 (2019)
Students, foster student scholarship program, establishing: HB 1969
Traumatic brain injuries, screenings for children entering foster care system: HB 1605, * SHB 1605, CH 120 (2019), SB 5586, SSB 5586