Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Artificial intelligence, profiling in certain public places via, prohibiting: HB 2644
Automated decision systems, discrimination by, prohibition: HB 1655, SHB 1655, SB 5527
Broadband inclusion, digital equity capacity and competitive grant programs: HB 2414
Caregivers for persons with disabilities, public places denying access to: SB 5487, SSB 5487
Citizenship/immigration status, discrimination based on: ESB 5165
Complete equity act, prohibiting preferential treatment by state: SB 5935
Complete equity act, repealing state civil rights act and replacing it with: SB 5935
Demographic details, personal, state employee disclosure exemption: SB 6431
Discrimination by the state, prohibiting: SB 5935
Diversity, equity, and inclusion act, Washington state: SI 1000, HI 1000
Employees, off-duty conduct, employer discrimination due to: SB 5226, SB 5807
Executive order 9066, seventy-seventh anniversary, acknowledging: * HR 4610 (2019), * SR 8620 (2019)
Facial recognition technology, government use, restrictions: HB 1654, SHB 1654, SB 5528
Facial recognition technology, using to establish probable cause, restrictions: 2SHB 1654
Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention, trainers on, qualifying of: SB 6169
Hate crimes, provisions: HB 1732, * ESHB 1732, CH 271 (2019), SB 5850, SSB 5850
Holocaust remembrance day, international, observing: SR 8663
Hospitals, access to care policies for nondiscrimination: HB 1686, SHB 1686, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Housing status, discrimination based on, prohibiting: HB 1591
Injury, diagnosed physical/psychological, noneconomic damages waiver: SB 6236
Japanese-American veterans, incarcerees, and civil rights activists, recognizing: * HR 4610 (2019), * SR 8620 (2019)
Legislators/legislative employees, discrimination by and against, unlawful: HB 2018
Liquor shipments, common carriers accepting, prohibiting discrimination by: HB 2053
Military spouse status, prohibiting discrimination based on: HB 1812
Organ donors, living, prohibiting insurance coverage discrimination against: SB 6039
Organ transplants, denying due to physical or mental disability, prohibition: SB 5405, * SSB 5405, CH 315 (2019)
Pregnancy discrimination, as employer unfair practice, complaint deadline: SB 6034
Public accommodation, closed captioning on televisions in places of, requiring: SB 6182
Public accommodation/etc., places of, artificial intelligence profiling, prohibiting: HB 2644
Race, hair texture/protective styles associated with, discrimination based on: HB 2602
Religious practices, prayer by public employees, protecting: HB 1618
Reproductive health care access for all act, eliminating discriminatory barriers: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Sex, freedom from discrimination based on, state's commitment to: * SR 8631 (2019)
Sexual discrimination, in workplace, prevention measures: HB 1728, SB 5258, * ESSB 5258, CH 392 (2019)
Transgender students, policy and procedure, school district requirements: SB 5689, * SSB 5689, CH 194 (2019)
Veteran status, prohibiting discrimination based on: HB 1812
Voter discrimination, persons experiencing, remedies: HB 1886