Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also INSURANCE)
Dental assistants, scope of services and duties: HB 1935, SB 5833
Dental hygiene examining committee, members of: * HB 1554, CH 111 (2019)
Dental hygienists, licensing and duties: * HB 1554, CH 111 (2019)
Dental therapists, practice of dental therapy, establishing: HB 1317, SHB 1317, SB 5392
Expanded function dental auxiliaries, scope of services: HB 1935, SB 5833
Hygienists, dental, licenses and hygiene procedures: HB 1935, SB 5833
Insurance, dental only plans, all provider categories and carrier disclosure: HB 1898
Laboratories, dental, registry of: * HB 1177, CH 68 (2019), SB 5674
Medicaid, access to baby and child dentistry, children with disabilities: SB 5976
Medicare, asking congress to include dental care coverage in: HJM 4014, SJM 8010
Pacific islanders, COFA citizens, dental coverage: HB 1218, * ESB 5274, CH 311 (2019) PV
State dental director, creating position of: HB 2377
Workforce education B&O tax surcharges, exemption for certain providers: SB 6055, SB 6059
Workforce education B&O tax surcharges, various provisions, modifying: HB 2468