Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Allen, Paul, recognizing: * SR 8604 (2019)
Broadband access, in unserved areas, grant and loan program for: HB 1498, SHB 1498, 2SHB 1498, 3SHB 1498, SB 5511, SSB 5511, * 2SSB 5511, CH 365 (2019)
Broadband infrastructure, grants and loans to political subdivisions and tribes: HB 1606
Broadband internet services, local government authority to provide: SB 5085
Broadband office, governor's statewide, establishing: HB 1498, SHB 1498, 2SHB 1498, 3SHB 1498, SB 5511, SSB 5511, * 2SSB 5511, CH 365 (2019)
Cloud computing solutions and migration, state agency requirements: SB 5662, SSB 5662, E2SSB 5662
Cloud, Women In Cloud initiative, recognizing: SR 8602
Computer science education programs, K-12, data concerning: HB 1577, * SHB 1577, CH 27 (2019), SB 5574, SSB 5574
Cyber harassment, renaming cyberstalking as, and modifying provisions: HB 2129
Data centers, server equipment/power infrastructure, sales/use tax exemptions: HB 2148, SB 5989
Data systems/state agencies, payment credentials stored on, requirements: HB 1840
Databases, state agency, limiting availability for immigration enforcement: HB 1815, SHB 1815, 2SHB 1815, SB 5497, SSB 5497, * E2SSB 5497, CH 440 (2019)
Digital assets, uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act, compliance: HB 1150
Digital goods, codes, and services, sales/use tax preference provisions: SB 5402
Elections, ballots, return by email or fax, eliminating: HB 2111
Electronic signatures/messages, distributed ledger technology, use of: SB 5638, * SSB 5638, CH 153 (2019)
Electronic signatures/messages, electronic authentication act, repealing: * HB 1908, CH 132 (2019), SB 5501
Hours worked on computer, for state agency services contracts, verifying: HB 1744, SB 5809
Information technology, state agency procurement, modular contracting: HB 1844
Inmates, jails/correctional facilities, electronic media services contracts for: HB 1751
Internet infrastructure, rural county, state sales tax credit: HB 1800
Internet safety policy, library adoption, requirements: HB 1635
Internet, advertising commercial sexual exploitation of children, crime of: SB 5897
Internet, broadband services, local government authority to provide: SB 5085
Internet, secure access/digital learning, juveniles serving term of confinement: HB 2064, SHB 2064
Internet, secure connections for inmate postsecondary education and training: * 2SSB 5433, CH 397 (2019)
Internet, ticket resellers, licensing and regulation: SB 5321, SSB 5321
Journals, peer-reviewed, electronic access for state employees, studying: HB 1363, SB 5504
Media literacy/digital citizenship, school support of: SB 5594
Personal data, processors of, Washington consumer data transparency act: HB 2046
Personal data, public agency use of, data management and protection act: SB 5377, SSB 5377
Personal information, consumer data and related, Washington privacy act: HB 1854, SHB 1854, 2SHB 1854, SB 5376, SSB 5376, 2SSB 5376
Personal information, data broker registration and security programs: HB 1503, SHB 1503, 2SHB 1503
Personal information, data systems protections and security breaches: HB 1071, * SHB 1071, CH 241 (2019), SB 5064, SSB 5064, 2SSB 5064
Records, electronic, distributed ledger technology, use of: SB 5638, * SSB 5638, CH 153 (2019)
Records, remote services, AG subpoenas when child sexual exploitation: HB 1872
Repair and servicing of digital products, fair repair act: HB 1342, SHB 1342, SB 5799
School district surplus equipment, purchase by students: SB 5086
Schools, elective computer science course access: * SB 5088, CH 180 (2019)
Schools, K-12 student internet data privacy, attorney general actions: SB 5598
Service providers, in-home, licensing and background checks: HB 1967
Sexually explicit or intimate images of minors, minors possessing/dealing in: HB 1742, * SHB 1742, CH 128 (2019)
Social media extortion, by means of threat, crime of: SB 5495
Social media providers, removal of negative communications by: SB 5495
Ticket sellers, web sites of, selling software to interfere with, prohibition: HB 1762