Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Bicyclists, as vulnerable users of a public way and negligent driving victims: SB 6045
Bicyclists, as vulnerable users of a public way, protections: HB 1966, ESHB 1966, SB 5723, * SSB 5723, CH 403 (2019)
Definition, "bicycle": SHB 1277, * SSB 5723, CH 403 (2019)
Definitions, "bicycle" and "electric-assisted bicycle": HB 1277
Electric-assisted bicycles/equipment, purchase of, sales/use tax exemptions: HB 1986
Nonmotorists, active transportation safety advisory council, convening: HB 1723, SB 5710
Nonmotorists, Cooper Jones active transportation safety council, convening: ESHB 1723, * SSB 5710, CH 54 (2019) PV
Sales of bicycles, retail, additional sales tax on: SB 5971, SSB 5971
Stop signs, at highway railroad grade crossing, bicyclist requirements: HB 2358, SB 6208