Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Aerospace tax preferences, requiring job retention for, requirements: HB 2145, HB 2146
Bilingual teachers and counselors, need for, bilingual educator initiative to meet: SB 5712, SSB 5712
Child care workforce conditional scholarship and loan repayment program, creating: HB 2396, SHB 2396, E2SHB 2396
Child care, impact of accessibility, child care collaborative task force, convening: HB 2367, * SHB 2367, CH 91 (2018)
Clean energy economy, transition to, assisting affected workers: SB 6629
Comprehensive plan, state, for workforce training and education, adoption: HB 2463, SHB 2463
Customized employment training program, repealing expiration of: HB 1130, * SHB 1130, CH 21 (2017), SB 5381, SSB 5381
Cybersecurity and information technology, state agency needs, attracting students: HB 1697
Educational expenses of employees, employer contributions, tax credits for, when: HB 2730, SHB 2730
Future of work, task force on, establishing: SB 6544, * SSB 6544, CH 294 (2018)
Manufacturing and production occupations, investing deferred sales tax in training for: SB 6481
Masonry trades, workforce needs, addressing through cross-training: HB 2130
Opportunities, educational/employment, association of Washington generals role: HB 1984, SHB 1984, SB 5746, * SSB 5746, CH 67 (2018)
Rural communities, food and forest products infrastructure jobs, creating: HB 2133, SHB 2133
Rural county high employer demand jobs program, establishing: HB 2177, SHB 2177, * E2SHB 2177, CH 254 (2018)
Rural physician workforce, increasing, matched student loan repayment program for: HB 2598
Skilled worker awareness programs, coordinating: * SSB 5713, CH 225 (2017)
Skilled worker outreach, recruitment, and career awareness grant program, creating: * SSB 5713, CH 225 (2017)
Skilled worker outreach, recruitment, and key training program, creating, DOC role: HB 1949, SB 5713
STEM fields, increasing higher education enrollments to meet workforce needs: SB 5902
Talent pipeline gaps in the outdoor recreation industry, task force on, establishing: SB 6097, SSB 6097
Training wage for new grocery store and restaurant employees, when: HB 2830
Veterans, military recruitment program, developing: * SB 5849, CH 192 (2017)
Worker readjustment account, depositing certain aerospace tax revenues into: HB 2146
Worker readjustment program, creating, employment security department role: HB 2146
Worker-support program, during transition to clean energy economy: SB 6629
Workforce education needs for agriculture, natural resources, and environment: HB 1404, SHB 1404, SB 5285, SSB 5285
Workforce education needs for agriculture, natural resources, outdoor recreation, and environment: * 2SSB 5285, CH 182 (2017)
Workforce investment act, updating obsolete references to: HB 1363, * SB 5237, CH 39 (2017)
Workforce needs and skilled worker programs, assessing and coordinating: HB 1949, SB 5713
Workforce training and education, 2016 state comprehensive plan, approving: HCR 4402, * SCR 8401 (2017)
Workforce training and education, state plan for, early learning provider training in: HB 1758, SHB 1758