Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Building stock, residential and nonresidential, energy savings, UTC role: HB 1458
Call centers, relocation to other country, requirements, UTC role: HB 2844
Carbon pollution tax and clean energy investment program, UTC role: SB 6203, SSB 6203, 2SSB 6203
Carrier network companies and company operators, regulation of, UTC role: HB 2604, SB 6234, SSB 6234
Clean energy investment program, technical advisory committee, creating, UTC role: SB 6203
Clean energy investment program, technical standards committee, creating, UTC role: SSB 6203, 2SSB 6203
Clean energy transition work group, convening, UTC role: SHB 2995
Electric utilities, alternative form of regulation of, UTC authorization of: HB 2839, ESHB 2839, SB 6424, SSB 6424
Electric utilities, carbon-free and distributed energy resources standard, UTC role: SB 6253, SSB 6253
Electric utilities, clean energy resources use, UTC role: HB 2283, SHB 2283
Electric utilities, distributed energy systems, UTC role in enabling shift to: HB 1233
Electric utilities, reducing reliance on fossil fuel generating resources, UTC role: SHB 2995, 2SSB 6253
Electric utilities, renewable resource targets, convening work group on, UTC role: HB 2995
Internet providers, blocking, paid prioritization, and other practices by, protections: SB 6423
Internet providers, Washington net neutrality act, UTC role: SB 6423
Internet, via telecommunications company, billing statement disclosures, UTC role: SB 5483
Jones, Philip, commissioner, recognizing: * SR 8611 (2017)
Natural gas utilities, alternative form of regulation of, UTC authorization of: HB 2839, ESHB 2839, SB 6424, SSB 6424
Public service companies, annual reports, failing to file, penalties, UTC role: HB 2523, * SB 6179, CH 104 (2018)
Railroad companies, notice of planned actions to communities and UTC: HB 2548, SHB 2548
Railroad crews, contract transportation providers and vehicles, UTC regulation of: HB 1105, * ESHB 1105, CH 333 (2017), SB 5759
Railroad employees, yardmaster working hours, penalties for violations, UTC role: HB 1670
Railroad employees, yardmaster working hours, violations, UTC role: SB 5845
Solar companies, community, registration and certification of: * ESSB 5939, CH 36 (2017)
Solar gardens, community, commission role: HB 2280, SHB 2280, SB 6130
Solid waste and recyclable materials, consumer education, UTC role: HB 2380
Tariffs, pilotage, duty to establish, transferring to UTC: HB 2983, SHB 2983, SB 6519, * SSB 6519, CH 107 (2018)
Universal communications services program, reporting requirements, UTC role: SSB 5935, E2SSB 5935
Utilities, investor-owned, meter-based performance program option, UTC role: HB 1963