Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Aquaculture, nonnative finfish, certain employees as dislocated workers: * EHB 2957, CH 179 (2018) PV, SB 6086, SSB 6086, 2SSB 6086
Benefits, when work change incompatible with caring for child or vulnerable adult: HB 2987
Clarifying changes to certain statutes: HB 2987
Community service standards, for individuals receiving benefits: HB 1580
Educational institutions, employees employed by multiple, benefits for, when: HB 2703, * SHB 2703, CH 97 (2018), SB 6339
Independent contractor, defining, for unemployment compensation purposes: HB 1300, SHB 1300, HB 2812, SB 5527
Interpreters and language translators, unemployment compensation exclusion: HB 1386, SB 5233, SSB 5233
Marijuana, production and products, excluding from "agricultural labor": SHB 1692
Military members, overseas, unemployment compensation for spouses, studying: HB 2456, SHB 2456
Musicians, unemployment compensation eligibility for: HB 2724, SHB 2724, SB 6521
Overpayment, when labor lockout back pay award, employer repayment: HB 1942, SB 5773
Tax, unemployment, excluding services by persons 14 to 22 from "employment": HB 1610
Termination for gross misconduct, benefits disqualification and employer relief, when: HB 2977
Transportation services, commercial, unemployment compensation exemption: HB 1575, SB 5362, SSB 5362