Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Metropolitan park districts, background checks for certain persons, when: * EHB 1620, CH 332 (2017), SHB 1620, SB 5399
Metropolitan park districts, commissioners, compensation of: HB 2628, SB 6258
Metropolitan park districts, commissioners, primaries for election of, discontinuing: HB 2704, ESHB 2704
Metropolitan park districts, formation, indebtedness, board, and land transfers to: HB 1456, SHB 1456, SB 5138, * SSB 5138, CH 215 (2017)
Park and recreation districts, city or county deannexation from: HB 2829
Recreational and parks land, acquired via conservation futures program: HB 1820
State, access passes and permits, restricting to state park access, commission role: HB 2803
State, access with lifetime veteran's disability access pass, when: SHB 1177, HB 2652, SHB 2652, SB 6128
State, access with lifetime veteran's disability pass, when: HB 1177, SHB 1177, HB 1247, SHB 1247, HB 2652, SHB 2652, SB 5305, SB 6128
State, access with senior citizen's pass, periodic recertification: SHB 1177, HB 2652, SB 6128
State, capital projects at parks, bond issuance and sales to fund: SB 5838, ESSB 5838
State, free access days at, and coinciding with family fishing days: HB 2652, SHB 2652, SB 6128
State, Washington state parks-Sasquatch special license plates, creating: SB 6151