Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Disability designation for wildlife-related recreation, including rule making: * HB 2649, CH 168 (2018)
Enforcement, property seizure and forfeiture, procedures and reporting: HB 2718, SHB 2718, E2SHB 2718
Fish and wildlife advisory commission, advisory role of: SB 5718
Hunter education and firearm safety high school elective course, development: HB 1174, SB 5216
Hunter education training program, discount for first-time hunters completing: HB 2505, SHB 2505, SB 6198, SSB 6198
Hunter education training program, firearm safety and education within, funding: HB 1900, SB 5536
Hunter education training program, firearm skills in, law enforcement exemption: HB 1944, * SHB 1944, CH 255 (2017)
Licenses, any hunting, free for veterans with 100% disability: HB 1180
Licenses, combination, reducing fee for: HB 2505, SHB 2505, SB 6198, SSB 6198
Licenses, fishing/hunting, donation program for veterans with disabilities: HB 2342, * SHB 2342, CH 90 (2018), SB 6181, SSB 6181
Licenses, hunting fees, adjusting various: HB 1647
Licenses, surcharges on fees, when: HB 1647
Right to hunt and fish, preserving, constitutional amendment for: SJR 8206
Tribal hunting, consultation regarding DFW policies and actions affecting: HB 1097, ESHB 1097
Wildlife, department of, separating department of fisheries from: HB 2859