Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Brown, Marty, former director, recognizing and thanking: * SR 8669 (2017)
Capital budget projects, 4-year colleges, proposals/prioritized lists, OFM role: SHB 1325, 2SHB 1325
Capital budget, higher education project requests, prioritized ranking by colleges: HB 1325, SB 5087
Capital facilities, higher education, standards and scoring/prioritizing matrix, OFM role: 2SHB 1325
Capital facilities, higher education, standards and scoring/weighting tool, OFM role: SHB 1325
Child care, bring your infant to work program, model policy, OFM role: HB 2396, SHB 2396, E2SHB 2396
Children, core state services, forecasting/budgeting as maintenance-level costs: * EHB 2008, CH 208 (2018) PV
Collective bargaining agreements, "feasible financially for the state," OFM role: HB 1287
Collective bargaining agreements, state, OFM to post on web site: * SB 5969, CH 23 (2017)
Contracts, "contracting out" assessment and contractor ethical standards, OFM role: ESHB 1851
Contracts, state agency contract oversight and management program, OFM role: SSB 5915
Education data center, concurrent enrollment/college preparation programs, work group: HB 2656, SHB 2656, SB 6398
Education data center, educator preparation data, making available to PESB: HB 1741, * SHB 1741, CH 172 (2017), SB 5526
Facilities and real estate, state agencies, aligning certain DES and OFM functions: EHB 1828, SB 5089
Fiscal analysis, work group to explore establishing nonpartisan agency, OFM role: SB 5443, SSB 5443
Fiscal impact statements and estimates, dynamic, OFM role: HB 1960
Fiscal impact statements, for ballot measures, deadline for preparing, OFM role: SHB 1981, HB 2936
Fiscal impact, dynamic fiscal impact statements, instituting, OFM role: SB 5443, SSB 5443
Fiscal notes, concerning supreme court decisions: HB 2636, SB 6405
Fiscal notes, various provisions: SB 5443, SSB 5443, SB 5848
Foster parent shared leave pool, creating, OFM role: SB 5890, * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Growth management hearings board, assets transfer to OFM due to eliminating: HB 1350
Human resources, transferring certain DES functions to OFM: SB 5915, SSB 5915
Jail inmates, health care, payment for, OFM responsibility: HB 2676
Prescription drugs, cost and utilization data reporting, OFM role: HB 1541, SHB 1541, 2SHB 1541, SB 5401, SB 5586, SSB 5586, 2SSB 5586
Psychiatric hospitals, state, managed care risk model for, OFM role: SB 5894, ESSB 5894
Racial and ethnic impact statements concerning legislation, OFM role: SB 5588, ESSB 5588
Regulatory assistance, office of, regulatory fairness act assistance for agencies: HB 1120, SHB 1120, * 2SHB 1120, CH 53 (2017)
School employee salaries, technical working group on, convening, OFM role: HB 2717, SB 6397
Shared leave program, to include parental leave and pregnancy disability: HB 1434, * ESHB 1434, CH 39 (2018), SB 5295, SSB 5295
Shared leave program, uniformed service member or veteran, or spouse of, when: * E2SHB 1802, CH 173 (2017)
Shared leave program, uniformed service pool, members, veterans, spouses: HB 1802
Shared leave program, veterans in-state service shared leave pool, creating: SHB 1802, * E2SHB 1802, CH 173 (2017)
Shared leave, state employee spouse or partner leave sharing, when: SB 5479
Shared leave, state parental leave sharing program, creating: SB 5479
Shared leave, to include parental and maternity/paternity leave, when: SB 5479
State agencies, audits of, indicating state law noncompliance, OFM role: SB 5372, * SSB 5372, CH 66 (2017)
State agencies, charging labor organizations a fee for PERC funding, OFM role: SSB 5914
State agencies, employees and contractors, background checks, when, OFM role: * HB 2208, CH 19 (2018), SSB 5915
State employees, union dues, covering portion of PERC costs, OFM role: SB 5914
State trooper and sergeant salaries, competitive for recruitment, OFM reporting role: * SHB 2692, CH 140 (2018)
Statewide all-payer health care claims database, modifying provisions: SB 5197
Statutory provisions concerning OFM, obsolete or inactive, removing or revising: EHB 1927, SHB 1927, SB 5292
Tax rate, effective, in statements for ballot measures and bills, OFM role: HB 1981, SHB 1981
Tax revenue equity statements and tax regressivity grades, instituting, OFM role: HB 2936
Telemedicine payment parity pilot program, OFM to establish: SB 6399
Vacation leave, accrual and use of, state employee and officer provisions: HB 1521, * SHB 1521, CH 167 (2017), SB 5296, SSB 5296
Vacation leave, cashing-out, requirements: * SHB 1521, CH 167 (2017), SSB 5296
Vacation leave, removing continuous employment requirement for first using: HB 1521, * SHB 1521, CH 167 (2017), SB 5296, SSB 5296
Veterans, military recruitment program, OFM to develop: * SB 5849, CH 192 (2017)