Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also COLLECTIVE BARGAINING)
Advisory committees, role of, provisions: HB 1528, SB 5392
County ferry districts, creating district in part of the county, requirements: SHB 1331
County ferry districts, passenger-only ferries, not limiting district authority to: HB 1331, SHB 1331, SB 5403, SSB 5403
County ferry systems, county ferry capital improvement funds requests by: SB 6354
County ferry systems, reimbursement of counties, when: SB 6355
Employees, ferry, collective bargaining unit representative elections: HB 1607, SB 5551
Employees, ferry, requiring union membership or dues/fees payment, prohibiting: SB 5692
Employees, ferry, unused vacation leave accrual by: * HB 1530, CH 168 (2017), SB 5390
Employees, new, collective bargaining unit representative access to: HB 2624, * ESB 6229, CH 250 (2018)
Employees, unfair labor practices against, deadline for claims in superior court: HB 2736, * SB 6231, CH 252 (2018)
Natural gas, liquefied, ferry system use: HB 2400, SB 6061
Passenger-only ferry service districts, public works contractor bonds within: HB 2317, * SHB 2317, CH 89 (2018), SB 6022, SSB 6022
Passenger-only service between Olympia and Seattle, studying: SB 6054
Yakima, state ferry vessel, requesting renaming as the Yakama: SJM 8016