Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Accounts receivable, civil actions upon, commencement of, when: HB 1145, SB 5456, ESSB 5456
Arbitration of civil actions, procedures, fees, arbitrators: * EHB 1128, CH 36 (2018)
Construction contracts, clauses waiving claim rights to damages, voiding: HB 1574, SB 5788
Construction contracts, equitable adjustment though not notice-compliant, when: SSB 5788
Construction defect claims, against construction professionals, limitation of actions: HB 2475, SHB 2475, SB 6523
Discrimination, noneconomic damages, claimant's health not at issue, exceptions: * SB 6027, CH 70 (2018)
Discrimination, noneconomic damages, claimant's mental health, admissibility of: SB 5566
Easements, private right-of-way maintenance agreements and civil actions: HB 1494, SHB 1494
Employment contracts, with cause of action waiver, void and unenforceable, when: * SSB 6313, CH 120 (2018)
Entry, unlawful, cause for civil action for wrongfully removed persons, when: HB 1216, HB 1305, SHB 1305, SB 5388, * ESSB 5388, CH 284 (2017)
Forfeiture of assets, under controlled substances act, burden of proof: SB 5044
Forfeiture of assets, under controlled substances act, seizing-agency records: SB 5255, SSB 5255
Forfeiture of conveyance, exception for misdemeanor marijuana possession: HB 1087
Forfeiture of private property, guilty finding for felony offense: HB 1016
Forfeiture of property, depositing proceeds into education legacy trust account: HB 2136
Forfeiture of seized property, procedures and reporting: HB 2718, SHB 2718, E2SHB 2718
Government, legal action against, interim attorneys' fees and costs, payment: SB 5058
Interviews, child forensic, audio or video recordings of, protective order for: * ESHB 2700, CH 171 (2018)
Interviews, child forensic, audio or visual recordings of, protective order for: SSB 6387
Interviews, child forensic, digital recordings of, protective order for: HB 2700, SB 6387
Liability, agritourism professionals, limitations on: HB 2020, SB 5808, * ESSB 5808, CH 227 (2017)
Liability, claims against public entities for employees' tortious conduct: HB 2506, SB 5896, SSB 5896
Liability, immunity from, for certain emergency response volunteers: HB 1277, SB 5185, * SSB 5185, CH 36 (2017)
Liability, immunity from, for registered apiarists operating an apiary: HB 2640, SHB 2640
Liability, immunity from, if exercise of religion and conscience burdened, when: HB 1217
Liability, of person entering vehicle to render assistance, immunity, when: HB 1118
Liability, of real estate appraisers in actions for damages, limiting: HB 2629, SB 6457, SSB 6457
Liability, of rental car agencies for negligent entrustment: SB 5944, SSB 5944
Liability, school districts not liable for student criminal conduct outside supervision: SB 5226, SB 5505
Overtrial, in family law cases, attorneys' and guardians' fees for: HB 2245
Privacy, invasion of, physical and constructive, when, penalties: HB 2477
Real property, damage due to work on adjacent property, civil actions for: HB 1131, SB 5080
Seizure and forfeiture of property, procedures and reporting: HB 2718, SHB 2718, E2SHB 2718
Seizure and forfeiture of property, various provisions: HB 1016, HB 1087, HB 2136, SB 5044, SB 5255, SSB 5255
Sexual assault or harassment, employee right to file cause of action: SB 6313
Sexual assault or harassment, nondisclosure requirement, unenforceability, when: SB 6068, * ESSB 6068, CH 118 (2018)
State, legal action against by certain state officials, requirements: HB 1034
Tolls, bridges and highways, civil actions for recovery, statute of limitation: HB 1405
Unions, labor, unfair or deceptive practices by, civil actions against: SB 5174
Unmanned aircraft, prohibitions and civil actions: HB 1049
Wrongful death actions, beneficiaries of, eligibility of certain dependents: SB 5979
Wrongful death actions, survival of, recoverable damages: HB 2262, SHB 2262, 2SHB 2262, SB 6015, SSB 6015, 2SSB 6015