Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Actions, significant agency, source information identification, DNR requirements: SB 5958
Adjudicative proceedings, dispositions, final determinations, and judicial review: SB 5350, SSB 5350
Adjudicative proceedings, ex parte communications and initial and final orders: SB 5211, SSB 5211
Adjudicative proceedings, removal to office of administrative hearings: SB 5057
Administrative rules review committee, joint, eliminating: HB 2431
Building codes, legislative action to allow implementation, requiring: SB 5500, SSB 5500
Building codes, update decisions, agency-request legislation requirement: SSB 5500
Businesses, small, impact of agency rules on, regulatory fairness measures: HB 1120, SHB 1120, * 2SHB 1120, CH 53 (2017)
Early learning, adverse DEL licensing decisions, mediation: HB 2013, SHB 2013
Early learning, department of, restricting rule making in current biennium: HB 2069
Ecology, department of, alternatives to rule making, encouraging use of: HB 1328
Ecology, department of, peer review of economic analyses of rules: HB 1014
Ecology, department of, policies, adoption and enforcement, requirements: HB 1455, SB 5617
Electrical rules, nonadministrative, modifying adoption process: HB 1430, SB 5304
Environmental standards, baseline federal, rules to be as stringent as: SB 6083
Health and safety standards, baseline federal, rules to be as stringent as: SB 6083
Improper governmental action, ex parte communication as, whistleblower actions: SB 5374, * SSB 5374, CH 44 (2017)
Judicial review of administrative actions, requirements and procedures: HB 1659, SB 5056, SB 5058, SB 5350, SSB 5350
Natural resources, department of, significant agency actions by, requirements: SB 5958
Ombuds, office of the state, establishing: SB 5978
Register, Washington State, as legal material, preservation and authentication: * SB 5039, CH 106 (2017)
Rule making by agencies, annual expiration, when: SB 5798, SSB 5798, SB 6541
Rule making by agencies, legislative approval or disapproval of rules: HB 1241
Rule making by agencies, limited delegation of legislative authority to agencies: HB 1241
Rule making by agencies, restrictions and legislative role: HB 1005
Rule making by agencies, rules adoption, reducing time from proposal to: HB 1241
Rule making by agencies, specific grant of legislative authority: HB 1241
Rule making by agencies, statewide rule-making information web site, establishing: HB 1587
Rule making by agencies, suspending and requiring rules review, exceptions: HB 1241
Rule making, APA adoption, WAC codification, legislative ratification or excellence assessment: SSB 5616
Rule making, requiring APA adoption, WAC codification, and legislative ratification: HB 1658, SB 5616
Rule making, via APA adoption, WAC codification, and legislative ratification, when: HB 1455, SB 5617
Rules and rule making, review of, adding rules adoption to process, when: HB 1240
Rules and rule making, review of, petitions for: HB 1657, SB 5055, ESB 5214
Rules, significant legislative, insurance commissioner reviews of OIC rules: HB 1576
Small businesses, enforcement action rights and protections in APA: * HB 1352, CH 243 (2017), SB 5230