Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Authorizing bonds for transportation funding act of 2015: SB 6074
Budget stabilization account expenditures for critical investments: HB 2988
Capital budget act of 2015: HB 2188, HB 2189
Charter schools: HB 3002
Cities and counties, promoting fiscal sustainability of: HB 2156
City and county revenue flexibility, assistance, and options for fiscal sustainability: HB 2154
City and county service delivery improvement through revenue reforms: HB 2153
Commerce in liquor act of 2015: HB 2082
Corrections act: SB 6066, SB 6067
Distributed generation act: HB 1912
Early childhood education and assistance program act: HB 2238
Education act: HB 2177, HB 2178, SB 6059, SB 6060, SB 6069
Education act of 2015: SB 5351, SB 5352, SB 5928
Education, legislation relating to: HB 3000
Environmental fiscal matters act: SB 6070
Fiscal health of local governments, improving to ensure vital public services and high quality of life: HB 2157
Fiscal matters act: HB 2168, HB 2169, SB 6049, SB 6050, SB 6666, SB 6667
Funding education and essential public services through excise tax structure reform: HB 2229
Health care act: HB 2174, HB 2175, SB 6055, SB 6056, SB 6065
High school graduation requirements, certain course-based alternatives for certificate of academic achievement: HB 3001
Higher education act: SB 6068
Human services act: HB 2172, HB 2173, SB 6053, SB 6054
Insurance for providers of commercial transportation services act: HB 2131
Investing in education and essential public services by modifying and improving the fairness of Washington's tax system act: HB 2269
Investing in education and essential public services through excise tax system fairness improvements: HB 2236, HB 2237
Investing in education and essential public services through excise tax system modifications: HB 2230, HB 2232, HB 2233, HB 2234, HB 2235
Investing in education and essential public services through marketplace fairness: HB 2231
Local government finance: HB 2155
Local government financing act: HB 2984
Marijuana act: SB 6062
Marijuana act of 2015: HB 1461
Marijuana, comprehensive reforms for well-regulated and taxed market: HB 2136
Modifying taxing authority of special purpose taxing districts: HB 2158
Natural resources act: HB 2176, SB 6058
Petition-based municipality annexation act of 2015: HB 2074
Public schools that are not common schools act: SB 6670
Retirement from public service act: SB 6664
Retirement of electric generation facilities act: SB 6132
Revenue act: HB 2179, HB 2180, SB 6057, SB 6061, SB 6063, SB 6064
State general obligation bonds and related accounts act of 2015: HB 2187
State government act: HB 2170, HB 2171, SB 6051, SB 6052, SB 6665
Transportation funding and appropriations act of 2015: SB 6073
Transportation revenue act of 2015: SB 6072
Washington state coal generation retirement program, act to be known as: SSB 5874
Wildfire management act: SB 6657