Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Cultural resources and art, as components of state environmental policy: HB 2972, SB 6646
Music education, elementary school opportunities for, requirements: HB 1996, SB 5930, SB 6588
Music licensing agencies, regulating: HB 1763, SHB 1763, * E2SHB 1763, CH 38 (2016)
Musicians, noncompetition agreements, voiding: HB 2406
Performing rights societies, regulating: * E2SHB 1763, CH 38 (2016)
Symphony musicians, collective bargaining agreements, digital copy submission: ESB 5854
Symphony musicians, collective bargaining to be considered as open public meetings: HB 2829, SB 6126, SSB 6126
Symphony musicians, collective bargaining to be open public meetings: HB 2490, SSB 5329
Wagner, Meghan, her work as a music educator: SR 8713