Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Ambulance and aid services, drugs for use by, hospital pharmacy dispensing of: HB 1625, * SHB 1625, CH 255 (2015)
Ambulance service providers, nonprofit, enrolling volunteer emergency workers in volunteer firefighters' and reserve officers' retirement system: SSB 6026
Ambulance service providers, nonprofit, volunteer of as "emergency worker" for state retirement purposes, when: SB 6026
Ambulance service, authority to establish as part of fire protection district formation, when: SSB 6387
Ambulances, patient transport to non-hospital facilities, guidelines: HB 1721, * SHB 1721, CH 157 (2015), HB 2044
Call location and information, providing to law enforcement responding to emergency: SB 5158, * ESSB 5158, CH 190 (2015)
Developmental disability, person with, residing at address, alerting first responders regarding: SB 6465
Disability, person with, alerting first responders when at scene: HB 2287, SHB 2287
Disability, person with, training program for 911 personnel and first responders when at scene: SHB 2287
Dispatch operators, classifying as uniformed personnel for arbitration purposes: HB 1122
Emergency management services, LEOFF plan 2 member providing, death or disability benefits: HB 2592, * SB 6263, CH 115 (2016)
Emergency medical services and trauma care steering committee, EMT medications: * SHB 1625, CH 255 (2015)
Emergency medical technicians, glucagon for diabetic hypoglycemic episodes: * SHB 1625, CH 255 (2015), HB 1878
Emergency medical technicians, occupational diseases, presumptions for workers' compensation: HB 1602
Emergency medical technicians, participation in community assistance referral and education services programs: * SSB 5591, CH 93 (2015)
Emergency medical technicians, presence at theatrical wrestling shows: HB 2388
Emergency medical technicians, when "firefighting," occupationally related diseases list for: HB 2806, SB 6520
Enhanced 911 system, exempting certain information from public disclosure: * ESHB 1980, CH 224 (2015) PV
EPI pens/epinephrine autoinjectors, providers and purchasers: SB 6421, * SSB 6421, CH 10 (2016)
Hazardous materials plans, submission, emergency management council role: SB 5057, SSB 5057, E2SSB 5057
Inland northwest, emergency response to November 17, 2015 windstorm, recognizing: * HR 4656 (2016), SR 8715
Life alert services, contact information for subscribers, providing to first responders: SB 5346
Medical services, balance billing by out-of-network providers, work group to study ways to eliminate: SHB 2447
Medical services, billing by facility-based participating and nonparticipating providers: HB 2447
Medical services, community assistance referral and education services programs: HB 2044, SHB 2044, HB 2077, SB 5591, * SSB 5591, CH 93 (2015)
Medical services, local government consortium provider, PERS service credit: SB 6523, * SSB 6523, CH 236 (2016) PV
Medical services, medications for acute adrenal insufficiency, EMT use: HB 1498
Medical services, property tax levy, adjusting levy cap: HB 1251
Medical services, rural amphitheater admission surcharge for: HB 1009, SHB 1009, 2SHB 1009, SB 5000, SSB 5000
Natural disaster economic recovery account, creating to aid areas affected by state of emergency: HB 2022, SHB 2022
Notices, multilingual, for emergency disaster communication, requirements: SSB 6657
Notices, public, about risks and during emergencies, to include notices for non-English-proficient persons: HB 2926, SB 6530
Oil transport, contingency plans, limiting certain requirements to railroads hauling crude oil or petroleum products: HB 2896
Oil transport, contingency plans, notice, financial responsibility, and emergency response: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 274 (2015), SB 5087, SB 5834, SB 6418
Oil transport, safety of, hazardous materials emergency response reporting: SHB 2575
Oil transport, safety of, updating oil shipment study, master document, and report: HB 2575
Personal emergency response services, contact information for subscribers, providing to first responders: * ESSB 5346, CH 30 (2015)
Physician's trained emergency medical service intermediate life support technician and paramedic, renaming: HB 2044, SHB 2044
Risk resources, mobilizing state fire services according to state plan: * HB 1389, CH 181 (2015), SB 5181
School districts, continuity of operations of: SB 6553
Schools, public and private, safe school plans and procedures for disaster preparation: HB 2257
State agencies, continuity of operations of: * HB 1047, CH 61 (2015), SB 5020
Vehicles, authorized emergency, toll bridge charges exemption for: SB 6653