Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Defensive force, including deadly force, right to use against certain actions against personal property: HB 2324
Escrow, expanding definition and exempting certain entities from licensing: HB 1034, * SHB 1034, CH 64 (2013)
Exchange facilitators, requirements and violations: SB 5082, * ESSB 5082, CH 228 (2013)
Firearms, sale by unlicensed person to another unlicensed person, background check requirements: HB 1588, SHB 1588, SB 5625, SB 5711
Foreclosures, distraint sales, county electronic public auctions: SHB 2592, SSB 6146
Home service contracts, sales and use taxation of: HB 1997
Hotel guests and lodgers, valuables of, specifying hotel's responsibilities: HB 2300
Intangible personal property, narrowing property tax exemption: SB 5043
Intangible personal property, taxing marijuana-related trademarks, trade names, brand names, patents, and copyrights: HB 1976
Renters, deceased, disposing personal property in leased premises, landlord procedures before and after tenant's death: HB 1520, SB 5306
Seizure and forfeiture of property, for patronizing a prostitute: SB 6434, SSB 6434
Service contracts, provisions: * HB 1036, CH 117 (2013)
Storage facilities, self-service, unpaid rent and lien on property, modifying provisions: HB 2424, SHB 2424, SB 6331, SSB 6331
Tangible, nonresident sales tax exemption, repealing: HB 1890