Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Airport parking, public and private facilities, rate requirements: EHB 1483
Disabilities, persons with, Americans with disabilities act parking sticker for wheeled all-terrain vehicles in recreation areas: HB 2773
Disabilities, persons with, defining satisfactory proof for parking privileges renewal: SB 5957
Disabilities, persons with, parking placards and special license plates, provisions concerning improper display, illegal obtainment, and unauthorized use: HB 1946, SHB 1946, HB 2463, * ESHB 2463, CH 124 (2014)
Disabilities, persons with, work group to develop plan to end parking placard and special license plate abuse: HB 1946, SHB 1946
Electric vehicles, charging stations for, comprehensive provisions: HB 2711, ESHB 2711
Electric vehicles, charging stations for, signage and pavement marking requirements and infraction and penalty provisions: SB 5849, * ESSB 5849, CH 60 (2013)
Passenger-only ferry service districts, imposition of parking tax on commercial parking businesses by: ESHB 1954
Regional transit authorities, facility construction, parking impact mitigation requirements: HB 2783, SB 6489
Snowmobiles, special parking permits for winter recreational areas, snowmobile advisory committee to determine fee for issuance in certain cases: SB 5889
Special parking privileges, accessible van rental companies, authorizing application by: SHB 1946, HB 2463, * ESHB 2463, CH 124 (2014)
Special parking privileges, persons with disabilities, defining satisfactory proof for renewal of privileges: SB 5957
State agency employees, payroll parking fee deductions, authorizing pretax payment, conditions: HB 1456, * SHB 1456, CH 124 (2013)
Students, public high schools, retail sales tax exemption for parking fees collected by school districts: HB 2118