Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Agricultural employees, vanpool programs for, allowing nonprofit corporations to provide: HB 2604, SHB 2604
Arts organizations, nonprofit arts organization liquor license, expanding definition of eligible organizations: SB 6316
Athletic facility grants, eligibility for grants as joint application with city, county, or metropolitan park district: SHB 1187
Conviction records requested by organization, fees for dissemination by state patrol: HB 2138
Cooperative finance organizations providing utility services, certain loan amounts received by, deduction from business and occupation tax: * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Cooperative finance organizations providing utility services, certain loan amounts received by, exemption from business and occupation tax: HB 1272, SB 5154
Culinary arts training educational institutions, culinary class restaurant wine specialty license and special event endorsement, creating: HB 1805
Debt adjusters, nonprofit, defining "fair share" paid by creditor: HB 1572, SB 5338
Debt adjusters, stakeholder group to discuss compensation, including "fair share": ESSB 5338
Debt adjusting services, nonprofit, licensing and regulation: HB 1491, SB 5527
Dues and initiation fees for certain organizations, business and occupation tax deduction: SB 5041
Education service providers, nonprofit, when contracted with charter school, business and occupation tax exemptions: SB 5863
Educational or recreational early learning programming for school-aged children, requirements for entities providing: * HB 1547, CH 130 (2013)
Fairs, nonprofit fair associations, modifying property tax exemption provisions: HB 1550, SB 5078, SSB 5078, * E2SSB 5078, CH 212 (2013)
Flame retardants, limiting presence in certain products, exemption for nonprofits in certain cases: SB 5984, SB 6540, SSB 6540
Fraternal benefit societies, exemption from taxation: SB 5041
Fund-raising activity, certain personal property purchased or received as prize from organization as part of, use tax exemption: SSB 5865, * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Fund-raising activity, personal property purchases from organization as part of, use tax exemption: SB 5865
Gun clubs, nonprofit, clay targets purchased and provided by, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 5831, SSB 5831, * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Independent Colleges of Washington, commending: * HR 4611 (2013), * SR 8644 (2013)
Lands purchased by nonprofit organization with public funds, recreation requirements: SB 5057
Natural resources, department of, cooperative agreements with nonprofit organizations to benefit department-managed lands: HB 1244, SHB 1244, SB 5634, * SSB 5634, CH 15 (2013)
Paint stewardship program, formation of nonprofit paint stewardship organization: HB 1579, SHB 1579, SB 5424
Patient services or sales of drugs by prescription by nonprofit organization, repealing business and occupation tax exemption: SB 5041
Prevailing wage requirements, exemption for public works performed by nonprofit organizations: SB 6525
Property tax exemption, property leased by organization providing job training and related services: HB 2193, SB 6000
Property, tax-exempt, using for nonexempt purposes: HB 2345, * SB 6405, CH 99 (2014)
Raffles, enhanced, authorizing nonprofit organizations serving persons with intellectual disabilities to conduct: HB 1835, SHB 1835, SB 5723, * ESSB 5723, CH 310 (2013)
Religious, modifying property tax exemptions for nonprofit religious organizations: HB 1215, SB 5740
Renewable energy system cost recovery program, to include certain solar energy systems on nonprofit organization property: SHB 1105
Scholarship organizations, education investment tax credit program for contributions to: HB 2063
Scholarships offered by nonprofits, available to children and spouses of certain injured workers, information provided by department of labor and industries: * HB 1863, CH 134 (2013)
Science or technology center, zoo, and aquarium facilities, competitive grant program for nonprofits for acquiring or constructing: HB 1405, SB 5146, SSB 5146
Senior centers, senior center liquor license: HB 1063, * SB 5310, CH 78 (2014)
Small business incubators, nonprofit, property tax exemption in certain cases: EHB 2447
Students, struggling, contracting with nonprofit community-based organization for evidence-based support services: SB 6535
USO, congratulating United Services Organizations (USO) on its welcome center at Portland International Airport: * HR 4647 (2013)
Washington state parks foundation, membership and duties: HB 1530, SHB 1530, SHB 1935, SB 5653, SSB 5653, SB 5897
Workforce housing, affordable, use of certain lodging tax revenues for grants or loans to nonprofit organizations: HB 1695, SHB 1695, HB 2650, SHB 2650, SB 5741, SSB 5741