Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Bar association, developing sliding fee schedule for fees and costs to accommodate indigent clients: SB 5845
Bar association, fees for judicial members, prohibiting charging of: SB 6012
Bar association, repealing and recodifying state bar act: HB 1335
Campaigns, certain attorney legal services for, removing from definitions of "contributions" and "expenditures": HB 2222
Debt collection by attorneys, amending collection agency act: HB 1031
Deeds of trust, reconveyances, involvement in: HB 1435, * SHB 1435, CH 114 (2013)
Dependency proceedings, appointing an attorney for a child: HB 1285, SHB 1285, 2SHB 1285, SB 5461, SSB 5461, SB 6126, SSB 6126, * E2SSB 6126, CH 108 (2014)
Dependency proceedings, automatic legal representation of child, studying effect of: SB 6126
Indigent clients, attorneys to accommodate through sliding fee schedule and legal requirements: SB 5845
Indigent clients, professional compensation parity act: SB 5845
Legal service contractors, regulation of: HB 2691, SHB 2691
Legal service organizations, to cover legal expenses, regulation and registration of: HB 2287
Motor vehicle owner information, requests by attorneys, notice requirements: HB 1308, SB 5182, * SSB 5182, CH 232 (2013)
Practice of law, requiring that all regulatory and other functions reside in supreme court: HJR 4205
Prosecuting attorneys, disposition of criminal cases, criminal history record information compliance audits to research: HB 1531, * SB 5466, CH 62 (2013)
Prosecuting attorneys, service of petition for release by criminally insane upon: SB 5617
Right to counsel, commemorating 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright: * HR 4638 (2013), * SR 8638 (2013)
Sexually violent predators in secure facilities, attorneys representing, exemption from certain prohibitions against introducing contraband: * SHB 1836, CH 43 (2013), SSB 5404
Trustees for deeds of trust, including attorneys, requiring registration of: SB 5840
Workers' compensation claims, appeals, fixing of attorney's fees: HB 1354