Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Alien firearm license, exception for a nonimmigrant alien hunting with a Washington-licensed hunter: SB 5193
Alien firearm license, requirements and violations: HB 1052, SHB 1052, * 2SHB 1052, CH 216 (2009)
Assault weapons, banning the sale of: SB 6396
Black powder, specifications and limitations for use of: HB 2499, ESHB 2499
Commerce clause of U.S. constitution, exempting certain firearms, accessories, and ammunition from federal regulation under the: HB 2709, SB 6475
Community custody, limiting alternatives to confinement for certain offenders who are armed with a deadly weapon while violating the terms of: HB 3117, SB 6315
Concealed pistol license application, submission by mail of application for renewal by members of armed forces: SB 5637
Concealed pistol license, renewal by armed forces members: * SB 5739, CH 59 (2009)
Correctional officers and sergeants who have completed training exempt from certain firearm restrictions: HB 1755, SB 5929
Correctional personnel who have completed training exempt from certain firearm restrictions: SHB 1755
Firearms and certain nonfirearm-related weapons, possession on school premises and related areas prohibited: HB 2048
Firearms crimes, descriptions and sentencing standards for juveniles: HB 2944
Gun show and event sales, dealer license requirement: HB 2264
Gun show and event sales, liability for criminal use of firearms: HB 2477
Juvenile firearms and weapons crimes, various provisions: HB 2535
Juvenile firearms crimes, descriptions and sentencing standards: HB 2944
Noise suppressing devices, exemption from dangerous weapons provisions for a law enforcement officer using: SB 6429
Noise suppressors, restrictions: HB 1604
Pistols, changing age requirement for possession of: HB 3082
Possession by an involuntarily committed person, provisions: * HB 1498, CH 293 (2009)
Possession during an emergency, protection of right: HB 1832
Retired law enforcement officers, issuance of annual firearms qualification certificate to: * SHB 2226, CH 264 (2010)
Retired law enforcement officers, issuance of firearms certificate and annual qualification certificate to: HB 2065, HB 2226
Safety education programs, K-12 instruction: HB 2011, HB 3100
Self-defense, constitutional rights of: HB 2711, SB 6473
Shooting ranges, protecting sport shooting ranges and their availability for firearms training from burdensome regulation and lawsuits: HB 2703
Violence reduction and drug enforcement account, elimination: HB 1453, SB 5408
Washington firearms freedom act: SB 6475
Washington right to protection act: SB 6473
Washington state firearms freedom act: HB 2709
Washington state right to protection act: HB 2711