Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

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Academic freedom and whistleblower protection act, within new "academic bill of rights" chapter: HB 2488
Accessible legislative testimony act: HB 1388, SB 5267, ESSB 5267
Accountability, responsibility, and academic achievement act, middle school afterschool learning labs pilot project: HB 2690, SB 6368
Aerospace tax incentive accountability act: HB 2147, HB 2638
Aerospace tax incentive accountability act, establishing statewide aerospace employment wage as tax incentive requirement: HB 1786, SHB 1786
Aerospace tax incentive accountability act, minimum employment baseline and education legacy trust account deposit requirements: HB 2994
Aiden's act, concerning review of near fatality of child in context of abuse or neglect: SSB 5888, * 2SSB 5888, CH 298 (2015)
Alive at twenty-five act, local government use of young driver safety training program: HB 2627
American laws for American courts act, prohibiting enforcement of foreign laws: SB 5192
Apple a day act of 2015, concerning improved student nutrition though equipment assistance grant program: HB 1164
Brandon Jones act, genetic testing for paternity and termination of legal responsibilities: HB 2612, SB 6452
Business corporation act, revisions: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Campus free expression act, within new "academic bill of rights" chapter: HB 2488
Cancer can't charitable pharmacy act, prescription donation program donor form: HB 2458, * ESHB 2458, CH 43 (2016)
Cannabis patient protection act: SB 5052, SSB 5052, * 2SSB 5052, CH 70 (2015) PV
Carbon pollution accountability act, concerning market program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: HB 1314, SHB 1314, SB 5283, SB 6121
Carbon pollution tax act, imposing carbon pollution tax on fossil fuels consumption: SI 732, HI 732
Carol's law, adding persons acquitted by reason of insanity to slayer statute: * ESB 6091, CH 211 (2016)
Civil rights act, state, repealing preferential treatment prohibition and deleting act name: HB 2822
Clean fuel vehicle incentives act, commercial vehicle tax credits: * 2ESSB 5987, CH 44 (2015)
Clean fuel vehicle incentives act, concerning alternative fuel commercial use vehicles: HB 1396, SHB 1396, SB 5325
Closing educational opportunity gap act, multiple strategies: SB 6244, SSB 6244, 2SSB 6244
College affordability program, concerning tuition reduction: SB 5954, * 2ESSB 5954, CH 36 (2015), SSB 6059
Community opportunity program for employment act, preferences for eligible impacted entities and workers: SB 6478
Community prosperity and revitalization act, concerning review and completion of projects of statewide significance: ESB 5111
Comprehensive marijuana reform act, concerning medical and recreational marijuana systems: SB 5519
Constitutional currency restoration act, concerning gold and silver as legal tender: HB 2197
Cybercrime act, new chapter of crimes to deter abuse of computer technology: HB 2375, SHB 2375, * E2SHB 2375, CH 164 (2016), SB 6197
Cybersecurity jobs act of 2016, state security policies and incident response: * ESSB 6528, CH 237 (2016) PV
Cybersecurity jobs act, state security policies and incident response: SB 6528
Dairy farm and groundwater resource sustainability act, certain farms discharging to groundwater, general permit for: SSB 6568
Dairy farm and water resource sustainability act, certain farms discharging to groundwater, general permit for: HB 2840, SB 6568
Dark money elimination act, concerning incidental committees, nonprofit organizations, and disclosure requirements: ESB 5153
Death with dignity act, revising provisions to ensure informed decision making: SB 5919
Debt settlement services act: HB 1398, SB 5321, ESSB 5321
Defend the guard act, limiting Washington state guard availability for active duty combat: HB 2204
Do not bond taxes act, restricting use of bond proceeds to pay certain transportation project taxes: HB 1358
Douglas M. Ostling act, concerning crisis intervention training for peace officers: HB 1348, SHB 1348, SB 5311, SSB 5311, * 2SSB 5311, CH 87 (2015)
Early start act, aligning early learning and child care: HB 1491, SHB 1491, * 2E2SHB 1491, CH 7 (2015), SB 5452, SSB 5452, E2SSB 5452, SSB 6059
Economic revitalization act, growth management act economic development element requirements: HB 2719
Elected official retirement savings plan act: SB 5980
Eligible coal unit risk mitigation act, Washington state: HB 2525, SB 6248
Elimination of undisclosed campaign contributions act, concerning incidental committee disclosure requirements: HB 2256
Employee fair classification act, concerning misclassification of employees as independent contractors: HB 1519, SB 5566
Employee reproductive choice act, concerning birth control and reproductive health care coverage: HB 1502, SB 5026, SB 6493
Employer responsibility for medical assistance costs of employees act of 2015: SB 5895
Employment agency act, repealing: SB 5007
Employment agency act, repealing most provisions and prohibiting prospective employee fee: SB 6522
Energy financing voter approval act, revising "major public energy project" definition for purposes of: SB 6256
Equal pay opportunity act, concerning amending equal pay act and protecting certain worker communications: HB 1646, ESHB 1646, SB 5630, SB 6442
Establishing essential educational facilities act: HB 2377
Eve Uphold act, early learning and child care fatality and near fatality reviews: * ESHB 1126, CH 199 (2015)
Eve Uphold act, early learning and child care fatality reviews: HB 1126
Evergreen initiative, imposing fossil fuel carbon pollution tax: SB 6306
Exchange facilitator act: HB 2916
Fourth amendment protection act, prohibiting cooperation with federal agencies collecting electronic data: HB 1473
GED fairness act, high school equivalency certificate test options that are appropriate and low cost: SB 6560
Government of, by, and for the people act, eliminating undue political influence of corporations and money: HB 2848, SB 6505, SI 735, HI 735
Growth management act, legislative task force on, establishing: HB 2945, SHB 2945
Growth management act, repealing: HB 1373
Growth management reform act of 2015, concerning local government challenges to planning decisions: HB 1158
Hearing disability parity act, equal coverage for hearing disability services and hearing aids: HB 2687, SB 6394
Homeless student stability and opportunity gap act: * 3SHB 1682, CH 157 (2016), SB 6298, SSB 6298
Homeless youth act, prevention and protection measures: HB 1436, SHB 1436, 2SHB 1436, SB 5404, SSB 5404
Homeless youth prevention act: SB 5932
Homeless youth prevention and protection act of 2015, implementation, modifications for: HB 2834, ESHB 2834
Homeless youth prevention and protection act, prevention and protection measures: * 2SSB 5404, CH 69 (2015)
Imitation firearm manufacturing requirement act, requiring nondeceptive coloration for legal possession: HB 1692
Improving constituent access and representative engagement act, legislators locating office in own district outside of session: HB 3005
Insurance for providers of commercial transportation services act: ESHB 2131
Insurer holding company act, amending: HB 1065, * SB 5717, CH 122 (2015)
Invest in Washington act, B&O tax credit for construction of an industrial facility: SB 5230, SSB 5230
Invest in Washington act, investment project business taxes deferred and invested in workforce training: SB 5112, SSB 5112, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
JCDREAM act, creating joint center for deployment and research in earth-abundant materials: HB 1897, * SHB 1897, CH 20 (2015)
Joel's law, concerning court review of detention decisions by mental health professional: EHB 1258, * E2SSB 5269, CH 258 (2015)
Keeping kids in school act, reducing absenteeism via three-pronged approach: HB 2449, SHB 2449
Kelsey Smith act, call location and information for law enforcement responding to emergency: SB 5158, * ESSB 5158, CH 190 (2015)
Kids first act, prioritizing biennial revenue growth for education: HB 1385, SB 5063, SSB 5063
Limited liability company act, repealing and replacing existing sections: SB 5030, * SSB 5030, CH 188 (2015)
Limited liability company act, revisions: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Little toasters act, grant program for public speaking, leadership, and confidence in grades 2 through 5: SHB 2833
Medicaid fraud false claims act, reauthorizing: HB 1067, ESHB 1067, SB 5287, * SB 6156, CH 147 (2016)
Medical use of marijuana act, Washington state, renaming medical use of cannabis act as: HB 1766
Minimum wage act, amending: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
Native lumber act, concerning native lumber grading: HB 1153
Natural death act, contracting with entity to manage statewide health care declarations registry: HB 2652, SHB 2652
No litterbugs in Washington act, concerning increased penalties for littering: HB 1160, SHB 1160
Nonprofit corporation act, revisions: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual corporations act, revisions: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Omnibus health care access act of 2015, increasing workforce and access through higher education: HB 2065, SB 5909, SSB 5909
Parental notification of abortion act: SB 5289
Patent troll prevention act, concerning bad faith assertions of patent infringement: HB 1092, SHB 1092, SB 5059, * SSB 5059, CH 108 (2015)
Performance management act, concerning state agency performance management: SB 5737, SSB 5737, E2SSB 5737
Prenatal nondiscrimination act, sex-selection abortions, prohibitions and penalties: SB 6612
Protection of the rights of religious exercise and conscience from government discrimination act: HB 2752
Puget Sound armed services legacy memorial act, concerning military tribute bridge: HB 2123
Regulatory freedom and accountability act, modifying agency administrative procedures: HB 1371
Restoration of constitutional governance in Washington act, prohibiting actions under law of war: HB 2091
Restore school funding through property tax fairness act of 2015, concerning taxation of intangible property: SB 6093
Revised uniform partnership act, revisions: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Revocation parity act, concerning means of cancellation of product subscriptions: SB 5530
Ric Smith memorial act, concerning medical cannabis: HB 1020
Ricky Garcia's act, concerning integration of mental health and chemical dependency involuntary treatment: ESHB 1713, 2SHB 1713, * E3SHB 1713, CH 29 (2016)
Risk management and solvency assessment act, concerning insurance companies: * HB 1172, CH 17 (2015)
Roger Freeman act, concerning good cause exceptions in parent-child permanency planning hearings: * HB 2140, CH 257 (2015)
Safety and access for immigrant victims act, certification in connection with crime victim's help: SHB 2895, HB 2912
Sandman act, starting schools one hour later to increase student sleep: SB 6429
Sandman act, student sleep, studying later start times and student achievement outcomes: SSB 6429
School choice act, granting request of low-performing-school student to attend another school: HB 2978
School choice act, students at low-achieving schools moving to higher achieving schools: HB 2729
Securities act of Washington, modifying: HB 2316, SHB 2316, SB 6283, * SSB 6283, CH 61 (2016)
Seed act, Washington state, mandatory nonbinding arbitration provisions, repealing: HB 2635, SB 6344
Sheena and Chris Henderson's law, reports of threatened or attempted suicide, procedures: ESHB 1448
Sheena Henderson act, return of privately owned firearms to owner by law enforcement agency: HB 1731, SHB 1731, SB 5381, * SSB 5381, CH 130 (2015)
Sheena's law, procedures for reports of threatened or attempted suicide: HB 1448, SB 5781
Small consumer installment loan act, eliminating payday loans and creating small consumer installment loan: HB 1922, SHB 1922, 2SHB 1922, SB 5899, ESSB 5899
State disability employment parity act, state agency hiring of persons with disabilities: HB 1636, * SHB 1636, CH 204 (2015)
State employment disability parity act, concerning state agency hiring of persons with disabilities: ESB 5524
State employment resident hiring preference act: SB 5235, SSB 5235
Statewide tourism marketing act, creating statewide tourism marketing program and marketing authority: HB 2552
Statewide tourism marketing act, creating Washington tourism marketing authority: HB 1938, SHB 1938, SB 5916, SSB 5916, 2SSB 5916
Student user privacy in education rights act, or SUPER act: HB 1495, ESHB 1495, * ESB 5419, CH 277 (2015)
Sudden cardiac arrest awareness act, concerning information for students and others: HB 1750, SB 5083, * ESSB 5083, CH 26 (2015)
Sugar-sweetened beverages safety warning act: HB 2798
Supreme court social justice act, concerning election districts for supreme court justice elections: HB 2030
Tacoma Narrows bridge toll by coffee act, concerning private enterprise services and toll collection: HB 2717
Tax exemption transparency and accountability act: HB 1239, SB 5492
Taxpayer protection act, concerning public contract and contractor performance: HB 1915, SHB 1915
Teacher retention act, college loan repayment and annual bonuses for teachers at high poverty schools: HB 2727
Teen driving safety act, concerning new driver decals: HB 1159
Teen driving safety act, concerning new driver decals pilot program: SHB 1159
Textbook affordability via open sourcing act, B&O tax credit: HB 2780
Toxics reduction act, targeting and replacing highly toxic chemicals through chemical action plans: HB 1472, SHB 1472, E2SHB 1472, SB 5406, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Toy gun manufacturing requirement act, requiring nondeceptive coloration for legal possession: HB 1594
Transfer of public lands act, transfer of federal lands to state by U.S. government: HB 1192
Transportation innovative partnerships act, repealing: SB 5862
Travis alert act, alerting first responders when person with disability at emergency scene: HB 2287, SHB 2287
Uniform athlete agents act, amending: SB 6281, * SSB 6281, CH 13 (2016) V
Uniform electronic legal material act, concerning legal material in official electronic records: SB 6361
Uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act: SB 5029
Uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act, revised: * ESSB 5029, CH 140 (2016)
Uniform interstate family support act, revising to include foreign support orders: HB 1567, SHB 1567, SB 5498, * ESSB 5498, CH 214 (2015)
Uniform limited partnership act, revisions: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Uniform partnership act, revised, revisions to: * SB 5387, CH 176 (2015)
Uniform power of attorney act: SB 5635, * ESSB 5635, CH 209 (2016)
Unlawful dog tethering act: SB 5812
Vehicle transfer protection act, concerning reports of sale and certificates of title: HB 2474
Voter fraud protection act, declarations of candidacy after incumbent withdraws: SB 6618
Washington academic, innovation, and mentoring (AIM) program act: SB 5303, SSB 5303
Washington affordable housing for all act, creating program, county task forces, and plans: SB 6422
Washington directed trust act, concerning trusts, trustees, and advisors: * SB 5302, CH 115 (2015)
Washington electronic commerce and governmental affairs act, concerning electronic signatures and records: HB 1920, SHB 1920, SB 5810
Washington fair chance act, prohibiting employers from prematurely asking applicants about arrests or convictions: HB 1701, SHB 1701, 2SHB 1701, SB 5608
Washington family unity act, concerning state and local enforcement of federal immigration detainers and administrative warrants: HB 1716, SHB 1716
Washington gender privacy protection act, DNA and anatomy to determine use of gender-segregated facilities: HB 2782
Washington human trafficking reporting act, concerning the sex trade: SB 5880
Washington jobs act, introducing private competition in industrial insurance coverage: HB 1156
Washington promise program, community and technical colleges tuition waivers for resident students: HB 2820, SHB 2820, SB 6481
Washington state coal generation retirement program act: HB 2002, SHB 2002, 2SHB 2002
Washington state energy freedom act, requiring legislative authorization for agency greenhouse gas emission reduction activity: HB 1325
Washington state firearms ammunition, parts, and accessories jobs act: HB 1442
Washington state firearms civil rights act, civil and criminal actions for public official denial of firearms civil rights: HB 2975
Washington state health care freedom act of 2015, prohibiting compelling of participation in any health care system: HB 2198
Washington state incandescent light bulb freedom act: HB 1686
Washington state life at conception act, declaring right to life begins at conception: HB 1687
Washington state medical use of cannabis act, amending: HB 2058
Washington state patient safety act, concerning hospital registered nurse staffing practices: HB 1733, SB 5672
Washington state preservation of liberty act, concerning unlawful detention of U.S. citizens and lawful resident aliens: HB 2199, SB 5742
Washington state protection of the free exercise of religious beliefs and rights of conscience regarding marriage as the union of one man and one woman act: HB 2631
Washington uniform common interest ownership act: SB 5263
Washington voting rights act of 2015, concerning equal voting opportunity for protected classes: HB 1745, ESHB 1745, SB 5668
Washington voting rights act of 2016, concerning equal voting opportunity for protected classes: E2SHB 1745, SB 6663
Washington wage recovery act, concerning wage liens: HB 1518, SB 5567
Washington waters act, concerning storm water, flood control, and water supply infrastructure grant programs: SB 5628
Water pollution control act, state, aligning jurisdictional scope with current federal clean water act: HB 2720
We want a constitutional court act, reducing number of supreme court justices: HB 2784
Wildfire management act: SSB 6657
Wildland firefighter safety act, using global positioning technology to protect wildland firefighters: HB 2924
Women helping women act, using feminine hygiene products sales and use taxes to help women: HB 2713
Workers' recovery act, concerning claim resolution structured settlement agreements: ESB 5513
Workplace accountability act, collective bargaining as open public meetings and unit reps periodic certification: HB 2490
Yakima basin water banking best practices act, concerning sponsors and mitigation credits: EHB 1187, ESB 5014
Young voter registration equality act, concerning preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds: HB 1294
Young voter registration equality act, motor voter preregistration for 16- and 17-year olds: SB 5140
Youth internship opportunity act, establishing pilot program for youth interns at qualified restaurants: HB 1446
Youth protection, crime reduction, and collateral education funding act of 2016, concerning legal marijuana market: HB 2998
               (See also FIRE PROTECTION; FLOOD CONTROL)
Disaster areas, designated, area creation and financing with bonds and local sales and use tax: SB 6316, SSB 6316, 2SSB 6316
Natural disaster economic recovery account, creating to aid areas affected by state of emergency: HB 2022, SHB 2022
Notices, multilingual, for emergency disaster communication: SSB 6657
Property, real and personal, government confiscation during disaster or emergency, prohibiting: HB 2974
School infrastructure, natural disaster recovery model policy: * EHB 1003, CH 37 (2016)
Wildfires, catastrophic, persons affected by, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 6009
Wildfires, Chelan and Okanogan counties, expenditures for recovery: HB 1125
Wildfires, in 2014 or 2015, as qualifying disasters for sake of designated disaster areas financing: 2SSB 6316
Applications and permits, requiring consistent and prompt agency decision making: SB 5197, SSB 5197
Applications, timber harvesting within master planned resorts, DNR approval restrictions: HB 2308
Assessments, on certain taxable land parcels for fire protection, DNR to impose : SB 6502, SSB 6502, SB 6632
Assessments, on each taxable land parcel in state, transfer of certain revenue from: SB 6347
Burning, forest resiliency burning permits, issuance, DNR role: HB 2928
Burning, forest resiliency burning pilot project, DNR to conduct: * ESHB 2928, CH 110 (2016), SSB 6657
Burning, permits for, narrowing DNR grounds for refusing or revoking use of: SB 6511, SSB 6511, SSB 6657
Burning, prescribed burn managers, certification program for, DNR to create: SB 6502, SSB 6502, SB 6511, SSB 6511, SB 6632, SSB 6632, SSB 6657
Burning, prescribed, for silvicultural forest land purposes, updating smoke management plan for, DNR role: SB 6510, SSB 6510, SB 6632, SSB 6632, SSB 6657
Burning, prescribed, multilingual notices for, DNR role: SSB 6657
Derelict vessel prevention programs, derelict vessel removal account funding, DNR role: HB 1256
Employees, assaulted by criminal offenders, injury reimbursement period: SB 6286, * SSB 6286, CH 8 (2016)
Employees, assaulted by criminal offenders, reimbursement for injuries, period of: HB 2507
Endangered species act, draft aquatic lands habitat conservation plan, withdrawing from federal review: ESB 5959
Endangered species act, habitat conservation plans or other DNR agreements under, prohibiting, alternatives: HB 2069
Federal agencies, grant or loan from department, requirements: HB 2480, SHB 2480
Forage fish, surveying, DNR role: SHB 1152, SB 5166, * SSB 5166, CH 191 (2015)
Forest fire suppression, 20-year wildfire prevention strategic plan to aid forests in poor health: SB 6511, SSB 6511, SB 6632, SSB 6632, SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, 2015, budget stabilization account appropriations for: * ESHB 2988, CH 34 (2016)
Forest fire suppression, accounting for forest health and fire management-related appropriations, DNR duties: SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, command personnel and aerial resources for, DNR role: SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, DNR and federal land management partner wildfire management agreements: SSB 6632, SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, DNR to protect forest land and certain nonforested unimproved land: SB 6347
Forest fire suppression, fire equipment for local fire districts and personal protective gear for volunteers, DNR role: SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, fire suppression resource contractors, use by DNR: HB 1509
Forest fire suppression, joint training of firefighters by DNR and national guard: SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, local assets for, utilization of, DNR role: HB 2093, * ESHB 2093, CH 182 (2015)
Forest fire suppression, local wildland fire liaison, appointment of: HB 2093, * ESHB 2093, CH 182 (2015)
Forest fire suppression, local wildland fire liaison, role in local fire suppression funding: HB 2596, SHB 2596
Forest fire suppression, local wildland fire response account, expenditure requests, DNR role: HB 2596
Forest fire suppression, local wildland fire severity account, expenditure requests, DNR role: SHB 2596
Forest fire suppression, mobilization of resources for, DNR to identify vulnerable forests and treat them: SB 6511, SSB 6511, SSB 6657
Forest fire suppression, protocol and deliverables analysis, DNR to conduct: HB 2070
Forest fire suppression, qualified wildland fire suppression volunteers, DNR responsibilities: SB 6489, SSB 6489
Forest fire suppression, use of fire retardants, foams, and gels, DNR to report concerning: SB 6490
Forest fire suppression, water storage containers and hoses for fire-prone communities, DNR role: SSB 6632
Forest fire suppression, wildfires near homes and improvements, DNR discretionary authority to act: SB 6347
Forest fire suppression, wildland fire advisory committee, appointment of: HB 2093, * ESHB 2093, CH 182 (2015)
Global positioning system technology, protecting wildland firefighters using, DNR role: HB 2924
Highway projects, aquatic lands right of entry permits, DNR deadline: SB 5855
Land acquisition, by DNR, prohibiting until education fully funded: HB 2215
Land acquisition, from nonprofit nature conservancy, funds application requirements: SB 6392
Land acquisition, same-county DNR land sale requirement for: HB 2092, SB 5872
Lands, access to certain, by public agency or private landowner, DNR duties: SB 5730, SSB 5730
Lands, DNR easements or other interests, road maintenance or repair compliance: SB 5730, SSB 5730
Lands, DNR-owned or managed, private landowner access for fire suppression methods: HB 1237
Lands, DNR-purchased, water rights inventory and transfer: SB 5016
Lands, public, DNR granting of easements, requirements: SB 6500
Lands, public, livestock owner access for livestock care during fire suppression: HB 2925, * ESHB 2925, CH 109 (2016)
Lands, state-owned aquatic, DNR contract management procedures, performance audit of: SB 6500
Navigable waters, leases for beds of, for water-dependent and nonwater dependent uses, DNR role: SB 5929
Performance management systems, application to DNR activities, DNR to study: SB 6500
Real estate assets, state agencies, creating state real estate asset management office, DNR role: HB 1452
Stream flows, favorable or enhanced, management of forests to create, optional compensation by ecology for: HB 2071
Trespass, notice against, "posting in a conspicuous manner," DNR role: * SSB 6117 (2016) V
Wildfires, protecting structures from, public educational materials about foams, gels, and other products for: SSB 6657
Wildland urban interface code, international, incentivizing adoption by high wildfire risk counties, DNR role: SB 6632, SSB 6632
Working forests and local mills support program, implementing and tax preferences, DNR role: SB 6121
Broadcasting, radio and television, B&O tax provisions, modifying: HB 1689, SHB 1689, HB 1796, SB 5641
Hughes, John C., honoring for his work in journalism: * SR 8670 (2015)
Massey, "Classy" Bob, congratulating: * SR 8634 (2015)
Newspaper, definition, expiration date: SB 6001
Newspapers, official county, advertising for bid proposals for contract for: HB 2510, SB 6348
Newspapers, official notice publication in, requirements: HB 1797
Newspapers, preferential B&O rate, clarifying and extending: * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
School- or nonschool-sponsored media, student journalist freedom of speech: SB 6233
Tessier, Cherie, advocate for persons with developmental disabilities and special needs, honoring her life and work: * SR 8705 (2016)
TVW, congratulating: * HR 4629 (2015), * SR 8655 (2015)
Accommodations owned by religious nonprofit organizations, antidiscrimination exemption: HB 1376
Ambulance service providers, nonprofit, enrolling volunteer emergency workers in volunteer firefighters' and reserve officers' retirement system: SSB 6026
Ambulance service providers, nonprofit, volunteer of as "emergency worker" for state retirement purposes, when: SB 6026
Auburn Youth Services, executive director James Blanchard, recognizing: * SR 8688 (2015)
Blind, nonprofit agencies for the, public agency procurement from: * HB 2398, CH 40 (2016)
Campaign contributions, by organizations that are incidental committees, disclosure requirements: HB 2256
Campaign contributions, by organizations, disclosure requirements: HB 2256, ESB 5153
Civics program for students, promoting responsible participation in government, role of nonprofits: SB 6232
Coal mine lands, nonprofit-owned former, property tax exemption, when: HB 2979
Debt adjusting or management services, nonprofit, exemption from regulation, when: HB 1489
Debt adjusting services, creditor "fair share" contributions, provisions: * SHB 1283, CH 167 (2015), SSB 5485
Debt adjusting services, criteria for organization to qualify as debt adjuster: HB 1283, SB 5485
Developmental disabilities, persons with, housing for when owned or leased by nonprofit, modifying property tax exemption: HB 2193
Disability, person with, to be "employee" for minimum wage act when with sheltered workshop or certain nonprofits: SB 6133
Expanded learning opportunities council, membership, to include certain nonprofit coalition: SB 5721
Fair associations, nonprofit, property tax exemption extension: SB 5706
Fair associations, nonprofit, rented property owned by, taxation of: SB 5708, SSB 5708, 2SSB 5708, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Fund-raising activity, organization contest of chance prizes, use tax exemption: * ESB 6013, CH 32 (2015)
Health or social welfare organizations, providing chemical dependency services, B&O tax deductions: HB 2028, SB 6477, SSB 6477
Homeownership development, low-income by nonprofit, property tax exemption: SB 6211, * SSB 6211, CH 217 (2016)
Host home programs, child abuse or neglect reporting requirements: * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SSB 6249
Host home programs, nonprofit organization registration with secretary of state: * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SSB 6249
Host home programs, tax-exempt organization-operated, not an "agency," when: HB 2440, * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SB 6249, SSB 6249
Housing providers, nonprofit, projects to aid low-income students, funding for: * EHB 1633, CH 155 (2015), SB 5578
Manufactured/mobile home communities, when sold, notices of opportunity to purchase for eligible organizations: HB 2799, SHB 2799, 2SHB 2799
Motion picture competitiveness program, contributions to, B&O tax credit for: HB 2542, SB 6027
Municipal research and services center (MRSC), role in certain real estate sales requirements: * EHB 2122, CH 10 (2015)
Nature conservancy associations, state agencies acquiring lands from, funds application requirements: SB 6392
Prescription drug assistance foundation, authorizing assistance of underinsured individuals by: HB 2021, * SHB 2021, CH 161 (2015)
Public works, prevailing wages exemption for work performed by nonprofit organizations: HB 2015, SB 5953
Raffles, enhanced, by organizations for persons with intellectual disabilities: SB 6449, * SSB 6449, CH 116 (2016)
Solar energy systems, community solar programs or projects production incentive, nonprofits' role: HB 2346, SHB 2346, E2SHB 2346, SB 6188
Special occasion liquor license, nonprofits, winery serving and taking orders for own wine at event hosted by: SHB 2701, * ESSB 6470, CH 235 (2016)
Special occasion liquor license, not-for-profit organizations, wine sales for on-premises consumption: HB 2701, SHB 2701, SB 6470, * ESSB 6470, CH 235 (2016)
Spirits retail licenses, nonprofit exemption from issuance fee and certain sales taxes: SB 5353
Waste and litter reduction, recycling, and composting, grants received by organization for, B&O tax exemption: SSB 5659
Youth groups, sudden cardiac arrest during programs or services, compliance with policies: * ESSB 5083, CH 26 (2015)