Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

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Biometric identifiers, individual's property right in own identifiers: HB 2363
Biometric identifiers, ownership rights infringement, task force on, convening: HB 2363
Facial recognition services, state and local agency use of, requirements: SB 6280
Facial recognition services, task force on, establishing: SB 6280
Facial recognition system, department of licensing, disclosure exemption: HB 2446
Facial recognition technology, government use, restrictions: HB 1654, SHB 1654, SB 5528
Facial recognition technology, using to establish probable cause, restrictions: 2SHB 1654
Facial recognition, Washington privacy act consumer data protections: HB 1854, SHB 1854, 2SHB 1854, SB 5376, SSB 5376, 2SSB 5376
Financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program: HB 2193, SB 6074
Identicards, developmentally disabled designation on: HB 2463, SB 6429
Identicards, enhanced, fee increases and deposits: SB 5971, SSB 5971
Identicards, for homeless persons: SB 5664, SB 6426
Identicards, for homeless persons under 25 years old: HB 2607, SB 6304
Identicards, homelessness defined for: HB 2388
Social security number, last 4 digits, as breached "personal information": SB 6187
Student identification cards, suicide prevention and crisis information on: HB 2589, SB 6449
               (See also DISCRIMINATION; MINORITIES)
Agricultural workers, H-2A, temporary foreign grower-employed employees as: HB 1398, SB 5438, SSB 5438, * E2SSB 5438, CH 441 (2019)
Citizenship/immigration status, court facility/personnel actions, restricting: HB 2567
Citizenship/immigration status, discrimination based on: ESB 5165
Citizenship/immigration status, state/county facility notifying federal authorities: HB 2422
Compact of Free Association (COFA) migrants, federal benefits for, requesting that congress restore: SJM 8017
Enforcement, cooperation with federal government, authority for: HB 2422
Enforcement, cooperation with federal government, requiring: HB 2226, SB 6030
Enforcement, immigration detainers, duties related to: HB 2226, SB 6030
Enforcement, model policies limiting, and agency information confidentiality: HB 1815, SHB 1815, 2SHB 1815, SB 5497, SSB 5497, * E2SSB 5497, CH 440 (2019)
Enforcement, model policies limiting, repealing: HB 2422
Enforcement, personal information release for, restricting, when: HB 2446, HB 2567
Family planning program, persons over 19 not eligible for Take Charge program: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602
Health coverage, for medicaid-ineligible low-income young adults: HB 1697, SB 5814
Human trafficking, noncitizen victims and family members, public assistance: HB 1971, HB 2573, SB 5164, SSB 5164
Keep Washington working statewide work group, amending provision: HB 2422
Keep Washington working statewide work group, establishing: HB 1815, SHB 1815, 2SHB 1815, SB 5497, SSB 5497, * E2SSB 5497, CH 440 (2019)
Medical school graduates, international, assistance and residency programs: HB 2104, SB 5846, SSB 5846
Medical school graduates, international, barriers/assistance program, studying: * 2SSB 5846, CH 329 (2019)
Medical school graduates, international, work group for studying, establishing: * 2SSB 5846, CH 329 (2019)
Migrant education program, school credit retrieval programs under: SB 5475
Pardon/commutation/civil rights restoration, without regard to immigration status: SB 5917
Reproductive health care access for all act: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602
Reproductive health care access for immigrants/refugees, recommendations: * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Sanctuary policies, prohibiting: HB 2226, SB 6030
Students, education rights regardless of immigration status/religious beliefs: HB 1779, SB 5834
Affordable housing, single-family, tiered fee structure for impact fees: SB 6364
Low-income housing, impact fee exemption for, up to full waiver: SB 6386
Property owner, impact fee refund for, time limit: SB 6387
Residential construction, multifamily, higher per unit fee for, prohibiting: SB 6388
Early release, petitioning board for postconviction review/release, when: HB 2547
Early release, when crimes committed before age 18, petitioning board for: HB 1540, SHB 1540
Renaming board as post-conviction review board: SB 5819, SSB 5819
Archaeological or cultural site, public works or nonprofit project impacts on: SB 6448
Behavioral health aides, definition and services: SB 6259
Behavioral health, involuntary commitment, tribe exclusive jurisdiction, when: SB 6259
Broadband access, in unserved areas, grant/loan program for, tribe priority: SSB 5511
Broadband infrastructure, grant and loan program for tribes: HB 1606
Chehalis board, voting members from certain tribes, voting alternates for: HB 2109
Child care, working connections program, eligibility of Indian children for: SSB 5820
Children, Indian, early childhood education and assistance program eligibility: SHB 1574
Commercial and treaty crab fishing gear, lost or damaged, studying: SHB 1610
Commercial and treaty fisher's gear compensation program, establishing: HB 1610, SHB 1610
Commercial and treaty fisher's gear, lost or damaged, studying: HB 1610
Crab, commercial and treaty gear, lost/damaged, study and pilot program: SHB 1610
Deadly force, tribal member's death due to use by law enforcement: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019), SB 5029
Early childhood education and assistance program, eligibility: SB 6253
Education, tribal leaders congress on, school district collaboration, when: SB 6264
Emergency management council, tribal members and advisory committee: HB 2680, SB 6346
Fish passage barriers, removal projects, tribe involvement: HB 2503
Fugitives from tribal jurisdiction, Indian fugitive extradition act: SB 5081
Health sciences and services authorities, tribe representative on boards of: SHB 1659
Health, governor's Indian health advisory council, establishing: HB 1365, * SB 5415, CH 282 (2019)
Health, Washington Indian health improvement act: HB 1365, * SB 5415, CH 282 (2019)
Higher education, graduation ceremonies, right to tribal regalia act: HB 2551
Higher education, Native American endowed scholarship program, establishing: SSB 5709
Higher education, Native American opportunity scholarship program, creating: HB 2001, SHB 2001, SB 5709
Higher education, Washington American Indian cultural study grant program: SB 6425
Indian affairs, governor's office of, missing indigenous persons training role of: SHB 1713, * 2SHB 1713, CH 127 (2019)
Laws, proceedings, and records of tribes, admissibility as evidence: * SB 5083, CH 39 (2019)
Marijuana, businesses, refusing to license when tribe objects due to zoning: HB 2247
Motor vehicles, tribal registration and license plates, agreements for: SB 6133
Motor vehicles, tribal registration and license plates, compacts for: HB 2491, SB 6251
Nursing homes, Indian tribal, medicaid rate methodology exemption: * EHB 1564, CH 301 (2019), SB 5569
Property tax, property owned exclusively by tribe, full exemption, when: HB 2230, SB 6080
Regional transportation planning organizations, voting membership for tribes: * EHB 1584, CH 118 (2019), SHB 1584, SB 5778
School districts and tribes, data sharing agreements between, model for: SB 6263
School districts, tribal consultation training and schedule collaboration with: SB 6264
Schools, graduation ceremonies, right to tribal regalia act: HB 2551
Schools, history/culture/government of nearest tribe, in social studies: SB 6262
Schools, state-tribal education compact, construction assistance program grants for: SSB 5572, 2SSB 5572
Schools, state-tribal education compact, local effort assistance funding: HB 2237, SB 6075
Sports wagering, operation by tribal casinos, authorizing: HB 1975, HB 2638, SB 6394
Sports wagering, operation by tribal casinos, role of internet: HB 2638, SB 6394
Suicide/drug overdose crisis, American Indians/Alaska Natives, addressing: SB 6258
Tobacco and vapor products, legal sale age, consultations with tribes: * EHB 1074, CH 15 (2019), SB 5057, SSB 5057
Tribal colleges, removing work requirement for child care for students, when: HB 1303, SHB 1303, * 2SHB 1303, CH 97 (2019), HB 2456, HB 2471, SB 5341, SSB 5341, SB 6351
Tribal colleges/universities, nontribal/nonbeneficiary students, support for: HB 2548
Vapor products, tax contracts concerning sale in Indian country, authority for: SHB 1873, * E2SHB 1873, CH 445 (2019)
Voting, Native American voter rights: HB 1339, SB 5079, * ESSB 5079, CH 6 (2019)
Voting, reservation ballot drop boxes and tribe pickup/collection locations: ESB 5779
Water bodies, tribe traditional and cultural interests in, recognizing: SB 6260
Women and other persons, indigenous, missing and murdered, liaisons for: SHB 1713, * 2SHB 1713, CH 127 (2019)
Women and other persons, indigenous, missing, law enforcement response: SHB 1713, * 2SHB 1713, CH 127 (2019)
Women, Native American, liaisons and legislative task force, establishing: HB 1713
Women, Native American, missing or murdered, law enforcement response: HB 1713
Ballot measures, local, statement committee member requirements: SB 6238
Ballot measures, state, rule/policy effectuating after rejection, prohibition: HB 2267
Ballot measures, state, statements when fiscal impact indeterminate: HB 2224
Ballot measures, state, title/summary challenge adjudication by court, limiting: HB 2297
Ballot propositions, when considered proposed: HB 2674, SB 6361
Bring back our $30 car tabs act, as legislative enactment of I-976 with modifications: SB 6245
Bring back our $30 car tabs, as initiative to the legislature: SI 976, HI 976
Bring back our $30 car tabs, as legislative enactment of I-976: HB 2227, SB 6031
Initiative 1000, to legislature, complete equity act as alternative to: SB 5935
Initiative 1000, to legislature, diversity, equity, and inclusion act: SI 1000, HI 1000
Initiative 940, as passed by the people, revising and adding to: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019), SB 5029
Initiative 940, to and passed by legislature, repealing: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019)
Initiative 940, to legislature, repealing: SB 5029
Initiative 976, to legislature, bring back our $30 car tabs: SI 976, HI 976
Initiatives, amendatory format requirements: HB 1032
Initiatives, approval, majority vote in each of majority of counties: HJR 4202
Initiatives, effective date, subject to county electing not to implement: HJR 4204
Initiatives, enacted, county selective implementation or enforcement: HB 1157
               (See also PEST CONTROL AND PESTICIDES)
Mosquitos, mosquito control districts, application of property tax provisions: HB 1583, SB 5519
Benefit managers, health care, new encompassing chapter for: HB 1562, SB 5601
Benefit managers, pharmacy, community pharmacies in retail network of: SB 5421
Benefit managers, pharmacy, contracts with pharmacies: SB 5422
Benefit managers, pharmacy, filling prescription through mail order: SB 5184, SSB 5184
Benefit managers, pharmacy, licensing and regulation of: HB 1562, HB 1911, SB 5601, SB 5982
Benefit managers, pharmacy, prescription drug data reporting: * E2SHB 1224, CH 334 (2019), 2SSB 5292
Benefit managers, pharmacy, regulation of: SB 5422
Benefit managers, pharmacy, repealing/recodifying and replacing chapter: HB 1562, SB 5601
Benefit managers, radiology, health care benefit managers doing business as: HB 1562, SB 5601
Captive insurers, exempting from B&O taxation: HB 2493, SB 6331
Contracts, claiming loss under, insurer examination under oath of person: SB 5703
Coverage, living organ donors, prohibiting discrimination against: SB 6039
Dental, dental only health plans, all provider categories and carrier disclosure: HB 1898, SB 6330
Dental, dental only health plans, patient and provider protections: HB 1018, SHB 1018
Dental, Pacific islander COFA citizens, coverage for: HB 1218, * ESB 5274, CH 311 (2019) PV
Disasters, natural disasters and resiliency activities work group, creating: HB 1040, SHB 1040, SB 5106, * SSB 5106, CH 388 (2019)
Drivers, financial responsibility, liability policy proof, on registration application: SB 5924
Drivers, financial responsibility, on motorcycle: * HB 1014, CH 60 (2019)
Drivers, financial responsibility, on motorcycle, moped, or motor-driven cycle: HB 1125, SB 5007
Exempt commercial purchasers, of independently procured insurance: HB 2291, SB 6241
Fraud program, criminal investigation unit funding from fraud account: SB 6049
Fraud program, surcharge and insurance commissioner's fraud account: HB 1069, SB 5408
Group policyholders, insurer payment to offset expenses of, when: HB 1075, * SHB 1075, CH 253 (2019), SB 5065, SSB 5065
Guaranty association protection, in event of insolvency, provisions: HB 2209, SB 6050
Health benefit exchange, health carrier benefit exclusions notice on web site: HB 2554, SB 6400
Health benefit exchange, premium subsidies, plan for: HB 1523, SHB 1523, E2SHB 1523, SB 5526, * ESSB 5526, CH 364 (2019)
Health benefit exchange, standardized and non-standardized health plans: HB 1523, SHB 1523, E2SHB 1523, SB 5526, * ESSB 5526, CH 364 (2019)
Health care, abortion coverage, single-invoice billing and segregation: HB 1902, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Health care, abortion coverage, student health plan, when: HB 2252, SB 6129
Health care, ARNP reimbursement at physician level: HB 1433, SB 5647
Health care, balance billing protection act: HB 1065, SHB 1065, * 2SHB 1065, CH 427 (2019), SB 5031, SB 5699
Health care, balance billing, prohibitions: * 2SHB 1065, CH 427 (2019), HB 1215
Health care, carrier behavioral health network access standards: * ESHB 1099, CH 11 (2019)
Health care, carrier credentialing of providers by database, requirements: HB 1552
Health care, carrier network adequacy standards compliance: HB 1099
Health care, carrier operations/governance structure material changes, notice: HB 2170
Health care, carrier provider networks and enrollee protections: SB 5780
Health care, community pharmacy in retail pharmacy network, requirements: SB 5421
Health care, contralateral prophylactic mastectomy coverage: HB 1968, SB 5345
Health care, drug mail order services, unintentional use/enrollment: SB 5184, SSB 5184
Health care, drug utilization management protocol, use of: HB 1879, * ESHB 1879, CH 171 (2019), SB 5806
Health care, employer contribution in school transportation services contracts: SB 6176
Health care, employer reimbursement for certain premiums: HB 1492, SB 5217
Health care, first 6 visits as medically necessary, provider determination: 2ESB 5887, SSB 5887
Health care, for retired/disabled school employees/local elected officials: SB 5686
Health care, health care benefit managers, new encompassing chapter for: HB 1562, SB 5601
Health care, health security trust, Washington, creating: HB 1104
Health care, hearing instrument coverage for children: HB 1811
Health care, hearing instrument coverage for children/adolescents: HB 2410, SB 6291
Health care, HIV pre-/post-exposure prophylaxis coverage: SB 6303
Health care, hospital or provider organization material changes, notice of: HB 1607, * SHB 1607, CH 267 (2019)
Health care, hospital patient administrative days, claims codes for tracking: SB 6384
Health care, hospital, provider organization, or carrier material changes, notice: HB 2170
Health care, in- and out-of-network providers and facilities, requirements: HB 1065, SHB 1065, * 2SHB 1065, CH 427 (2019), HB 1215, SB 5031, SB 5699
Health care, insulin products, central insulin purchasing work group: SB 6113
Health care, insulin products, cost-sharing cap for: SB 6087
Health care, insulin, total cost of insulin work group, establishing: HB 2662
Health care, medicare supplement insurance: HB 1484, * SB 5032, CH 38 (2019)
Health care, medicare, asking congress to include dental care coverage in: HJM 4014
Health care, medicare, drug coverage via EGWP, coverage supplemental to: HB 2210, SB 6051
Health care, medicare, employer group waiver plans, supplemental coverage: HB 2210, SB 6051
Health care, mental health services for health benefit plans, modifying: HB 1447
Health care, minimum essential coverage, with penalty for not maintaining: SB 5840
Health care, nonprofit health carrier surplus, payments when excessive: HB 2679, SB 6451
Health care, personal information, disclosure prevention/limiting, compliance: SB 5889, * SSB 5889, CH 56 (2019)
Health care, personal information, protections and security breaches: HB 1071, * SHB 1071, CH 241 (2019), SB 5064, SSB 5064, 2SSB 5064
Health care, personal information, sensitive and other health care services: SB 5889, * SSB 5889, CH 56 (2019)
Health care, prescription drug cost transparency, reporting for: HB 1224, SHB 1224, * E2SHB 1224, CH 334 (2019), SB 5251, SB 5292, SSB 5292, 2SSB 5292
Health care, prescription drug step therapy exception requests: * ESHB 1879, CH 171 (2019)
Health care, prescription drugs, consortium for purchasing, duties: HB 2662
Health care, prescription drugs, contracts with pharmacies: SB 5422
Health care, prescription drugs, maximum point-of-sale cost for: HB 2464
Health care, prescription drugs, medicare via EGWP, supplemental coverage: HB 2210, SB 6051
Health care, prescription drugs, northwest consortium for purchasing, duties: SB 6113
Health care, prescription drugs, pharmacy tourism programs: SB 6111
Health care, primary care collaborative, establishing: HB 2615, SB 6413
Health care, prior authorization work group, creating: HB 2568, SB 6404
Health care, prior authorization, provisions: HB 2568, 2ESB 5887, SSB 5887, SB 6404
Health care, prosthetics and orthotics, coverage equivalent to medicare: SB 6098
Health care, public assistance and health coverage, joint beneficiaries: HB 2677, SB 6395
Health care, reproductive health care access for all act: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Health care, reproductive health care in college student health plans: HB 1612, SB 5602, SSB 5602, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Health care, required benefits, health carrier exclusions notice requirement: HB 2554, SB 6400
Health care, school employees, part-time employee affordable options: SB 6020
Health care, school employees, repealing SEBB, adding district/low-cost options: SB 6011
Health care, state employee contract health benefit cost limits: SB 6246
Health care, state-mandated benefits, individual/small group plans, exemption: SB 5781
Health care, statewide all-payer health care claims database, provisions: HB 1776, SHB 1776, 2SHB 1776, SB 5741, * ESSB 5741, CH 319 (2019)
Health care, substance use disorder coverage requirement: HB 2338
Health care, substance use disorder treatment access: HB 2642
Health care, telemedicine and store/forward technology, payment parity: SB 5385
Health care, telemedicine, payment parity: SSB 5385
Health care, universal health care system, establishment, work group on: HB 1877, SB 5822, SSB 5822, 2SSB 5822
Health care, whole Washington health trust, creating: SB 5222
Health carriers, nonprofit, employee compensation and benefits: HB 1017
Health carriers, physician maintenance of certification requirement, prohibiting: HB 2313
Health insurance carriers, nonprofit, surplus levels in rate filings, review of: SB 6097
Hemp producers, joint task force on availability of crop insurance for, establishing: HB 1401, SB 5719
Homeowner's insurance, smoke detection devices, discounts due to: HB 1103, SB 5284, SSB 5284, * E2SSB 5284, CH 455 (2019)
Implementation credits and performance standards, provisions: HB 2208, SB 6144
Independently procured insurance, exempt commercial purchasers of: HB 2291, SB 6241
Inducements, life insurance policy-related, to reduce risk of insured's death: HB 2211, SB 6052
Inducements, prohibiting, exceptions: HB 2208, SB 6144
Insurers and issuers, registration as legal service contractors, when: HB 2306, SB 6146
Internationally active insurance groups, group-wide supervision of: HB 2207, SB 6048
Legal service contractors, registration of: HB 2306, SB 6146
Life and disability insurance guaranty association act, modifying: HB 2209, SB 6050
Life insurance, policy-related inducements, to reduce risk of insured's death: HB 2211, SB 6052
Life insurance, using for funeral, last illness, or related expenses: SB 5346
Long-term care, insurance benefit for: HB 1087, SHB 1087, * 2SHB 1087, CH 363 (2019), SB 5331, SSB 5331
Long-term services and supports trust program, premium exemption, when: HB 2423, SB 6267
Motor vehicles, commercial transportation services, freight delivery: SB 5239
Policies, sublimits to coverage, noting on declarations page, requirements: SB 6244
Premium tax, credit for approved rural development funds: HB 2541
Premium tax, deposits into military department active state service account: SSB 5858
Premium tax, on homeowner and commercial property premiums: SB 5858
Premium tax, on independently procured insurance, exempt commercial purchaser to remit: HB 2291, SB 6241
Premiums from wages, revenue use, constitutional amendment: SJR 8211
Property/casualty insurers, additional tax for wildfire prevention/suppression: SB 5996
Property/casualty insurers, surcharge for wildfire prevention/preparedness: HB 2413
Property/casualty insurers, surcharge for wildfire prevention/suppression: SSB 5996
Protection product guarantees, provider finances: * HB 1001, CH 16 (2019), SB 5030, SSB 5030
Rural development and opportunity zone act, insurance premium tax credit: HB 1324, SHB 1324, 2SHB 1324, SB 5423, SSB 5423
Self-defense legal service subscription providers, excluding from "insurer": HB 2367, SB 6043
Self-insurance risk programs, local government joint, participation in: * HB 1431, CH 26 (2019), SB 5584
Service contracts, provider coverage options and finances: * HB 1001, CH 16 (2019), SB 5030, SSB 5030
Unfair practices, exceptions to prohibitions: HB 2208, SB 6144
Water-sewer districts, commissioner insurance coverage: HB 1241, * SB 5122, CH 40 (2019)
               (See also INSURANCE)
Fraud account, insurance commissioner's, creating: HB 1069, SB 5408
Fraud account, insurance commissioner's, funding criminal investigation unit: SB 6049
Health care, personal information, disclosure prevention/limiting, compliance: SB 5889, * SSB 5889, CH 56 (2019)
Health insurance carriers, nonprofit, surplus levels in rate filings, OIC review: SB 6097
Health insurance carriers, prior authorization standards adoption, OIC role: HB 2568, SB 6404
Public employees' benefits board, nonvoting member from OIC, adding: HB 1220, SB 5275
Volunteer programs, within office, review of opportunities to include: * SSB 5265, CH 45 (2019)
Cities, first-class, retirement funds of, investment by board: SB 5240
Commingled pension fund, in plan 3 plans and deferred compensation asset mix: HB 2341, SB 6383
U. of Washington, gifts/grants/etc., investment by board: HB 2274