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Bill NumberDescriptionDate FiledSponsor
HB 1000Providing sales tax relief by expanding the working families' tax credit.12/5/2022Stokesbary
HB 1001Concerning the audiology and speech-language pathology interstate compact.12/5/2022Leavitt
HB 1002Increasing the penalty for hazing.12/5/2022Leavitt
HB 1003Expanding access to dual credit programs.12/5/2022Stokesbary
HB 1004Installing signs on or near bridges to provide information to deter jumping.12/5/2022Abbarno
HB 1005Concerning employer tax incentives for the support of veterans and military families.12/5/2022Abbarno
HB 1006Expanding access to drug testing equipment.12/5/2022Orwall
HB 1007Concerning interruptive military service credit for members of the state retirement systems.12/5/2022Paul
SB 5000Recognizing contributions of Americans of Chinese descent.12/5/2022Wagoner
SB 5001Concerning public facility districts created by at least two city or county legislative authorities.12/5/2022Hawkins
SB 5002Concerning alcohol concentration.12/5/2022Lovick
SB 5003Increasing the number of district court judges in Snohomish county. 12/5/2022Lovick
SB 5004Making updates to the Washington business corporation act.12/5/2022Pedersen
SB 5005Concerning real property.12/5/2022Pedersen
SB 5006Clarifying waiver of firearm rights.12/5/2022Pedersen
SB 5007Establishing a wine retailer shipper's permit.12/5/2022Short
SB 5008Providing parents and legal guardians access to instructional materials.12/5/2022McCune
SB 5009Requiring parental or legal guardian approval before a child participates in comprehensive sexual health education.12/5/2022McCune
SCR 8400Convening a joint session for the purpose of receiving the State of the Judiciary message.12/5/2022Pedersen