Bill Number Assignments

1000-3999 House bills

Entering an exact word or phrase in the Bill Search field looks for that term in the Brief Descriptions of bills.

For more returns, use parts of words. For example, "vehic" will return bills with "vehicle," "vehicles," and "vehicular" in the Brief Description. All punctuation other than "-" is removed, so avoid including punctuation in your search term. Keep it simple.

You may also use the Search feature for full text search and the Topical Index to find bills by subject.

4000-4199 House joint memorials
4200-4399 House joint resolutions
4400-4599 House concurrent resolutions
4600-4799 House resolutions
5000-7999 Senate bills
8000-8199 Senate joint memorials
8200-8399 Senate joint resolutions
8400-8599 Senate concurrent resolutions
8600-8799 Senate resolutions
Numbers below 1000 Reserved for initiatives and referenda
Numbers 9000 and above Reserved for Senate gubernatorial appointments