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PDFWAC 296-67-045

Management of change.

(1) The employer shall establish and implement written procedures to manage changes (except for "replacements in kind") to process chemicals, technology, equipment, and procedures; and, changes to facilities that affect a covered process.
(2) The procedures shall assure that the following considerations are addressed prior to any change:
(a) The technical basis for the proposed change;
(b) Impact of change on safety and health;
(c) Modifications to operating procedures;
(d) Necessary time period for the change; and
(e) Authorization requirements for the proposed change.
(3) Employees involved in operating a process and maintenance and contract employees whose job tasks will be affected by a change in the process shall be informed of, and trained in, the change prior to start up of the process or affected part of the process.
(4) If a change covered by this section results in a change in the process safety information required by WAC 296-67-013, such information shall be updated accordingly.
(5) If a change covered by this section results in a change in the operating procedures or practices required by WAC 296-67-021, such procedures or practices shall be updated accordingly.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 49.17 RCW. WSR 92-17-022 (Order 92-06), ยง 296-67-045, filed 8/10/92, effective 9/10/92.]
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