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PDFWAC 296-54-553

Metal spars.

(1) Each portable metal spar must have an identification plate permanently attached to its base or on the yarder in a position that can be easily read by a person standing on the ground or on the base platform.
A hydraulic loader with yarding drums is not required to have an identification plate if the drums are installed and used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
(2) The identification plate must have the following information:
(a) Name and address of manufacturer;
(b) Model number; and
(c) The maximum and minimum angle at which the metal spar is designed to operate.
(3) The identification plate on metal spars manufactured after July 1, 1980, must also have the following information:
(a) The maximum breaking strength and/or size of the mainline for which the spar is designed;
(b) The maximum breaking strength and/or size of the haulback line for which the spar is designed;
(c) The number, breaking strength, and size of guylines or any other lines required; and
(d) For a spar designed for a skyline, slackline, or modified slackline system, the maximum breaking strength and size of the skyline, mainline, and haulback line that can be used.
(4) All portable metal spars must be operated within the manufacturer's capacity:
(a) As specified on the identification plate; or
(b) As modified by the manufacturer; or
(c) As designed and specified by a registered engineer; or
(d) A tension limiting device must be installed on the yarder. The device must be:
(i) Designed to automatically slack the skyline or mainline to within the manufacturer's line strength specifications;
(ii) Tamper proof;
(iii) Inspected; and
(iv) Maintained in good operating condition; or
(e) A line fuse installed in the skyline or mainline. Line fused systems must have a design breaking strength equal to or less than the maximum line rating of the spar as listed on its identification plate.
Item (d) and (e) list options to follow when using wire rope which exceeds the manufacturer's line strength specifications.
(5) Equipment used for yarding, which is specifically designed to be self-stabilizing during operation, may be used without guyline(s) provided the equipment is used with guylines when required by the manufacturer.
(6) Portable spars or towers and their parts must be inspected by a qualified person whenever:
(a) The portable spar or tower is lowered;
(b) Its safe condition is in doubt; or
(c) When damage from over-stress or any other source is noted or suspected. Before being used again, the part in question must be inspected by a suitable method and:
(i) Found safe;
(ii) Repaired by a qualified person; or
(iii) Replaced.
(7) Any structural modifications or additions that affect the capacity or safe operation of metal spars must be made under the direction of the manufacturer or a registered professional engineer. If such modifications or additions are made, the identification plate required in this section must reflect such changes.
(8) When moving metal spar logging machines, the spar must be lowered.
The spar may be raised when necessary for mobility if it is adequately supported to ensure the stability of the machine during movement.
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