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PDFWAC 296-307-18515

Guarding circular fuel-wood saws.

(1) The employer must ensure that fuel-wood saws are guarded by a standard guard that completely encloses the blade to the depth of the teeth, except for the area where material is fed into the blade.
(2) The employer must ensure that the tables of fuel-wood saws is constructed so that material being sawed is supported on both sides of the blade.
(3) The employer must provide a mechanism that will prevent the leading edge of the saw from passing the front edge of the table or roll case.
(4) The employer must provide tilting tables of fuel-wood saws with a backrest for the full length of the table. The backrest must extend upward from the table platform at least to the height of the saw opening. An opening in a backrest must be a maximum of two inches. The backrest frame and filler must be constructed of material strong and rigid enough to prevent distortion under normal use.
(5) Power transmission components of fuel-wood saws must be guarded according to WAC 296-307-280.
(6) When a circular fuel-wood saw blade develops a crack, the employer must discontinue its use until properly repaired, according to the following measurements.
Length of
Diameter of saw
in inches
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