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Chapter 357-04 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF357-04-005What is the purpose of the civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-010Who is covered by the civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-015Who is not covered by civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-020May the director exempt other positions from civil service?
HTMLPDF357-04-025What rights does a classified employee have when the position the employee holds is exempted from the civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-027What rights does an exclusive bargaining unit representative have when a vacant bargaining unit position is exempted from the civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-030What right does an employee have to return to the classified service from exempt service?
HTMLPDF357-04-035Who defines exempt status for student employees, temporary employees, and part-time professional consultants for higher education employers?
HTMLPDF357-04-040Which student employees of higher education employers are exempt from civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-045Which temporary employees of higher education employers are exempt from civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-046May a higher education employer make subsequent appointments for temporary employees who have exhausted their temporary appointment as identified in WAC 357-04-045?
HTMLPDF357-04-050Which part-time professional consultants of higher education employers are exempt from civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-055Who defines exempt status for student or temporary employees; part-time professional consultants; and inmates for general government employers and what types of positions are exempt?
HTMLPDF357-04-060For which exempt positions does the director establish the salary?
HTMLPDF357-04-065What are the duties of the board?
HTMLPDF357-04-070What are the powers and duties of the director?
HTMLPDF357-04-075Must higher education employers designate a personnel officer?
HTMLPDF357-04-080What are the duties of personnel officers for higher education employers?
HTMLPDF357-04-085What role does the state board for community and technical colleges have?
HTMLPDF357-04-090May authority be delegated?
HTMLPDF357-04-095How does the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Washington State Minimum Wage Act relate to the Washington state civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-100How does the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and other laws about persons with disabilities relate to the Washington state civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-105When the civil service rules require an applicant, candidate, employee, or employer to receive notice, how must notice be provided?
HTMLPDF357-04-110How is time computed under the civil service rules?
HTMLPDF357-04-115What happens if any part of these rules is held invalid?
HTMLPDF357-04-120What happens to previous merit system and civil service rules and actions initiated under them?
357-04-125Must an employee provide proof of being fully vaccinated as a condition of employment? [Statutory Authority: RCW 41.06.133 and 41.06.150. WSR 22-20-091, § 357-04-125, filed 10/4/22, effective 11/4/22.] Repealed by WSR 23-17-005, filed 8/3/23, effective 9/7/23. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.06.133 and 41.06.150.
357-04-130What rules ensure that the director's office complies with the provisions of the State Public Records Act? [Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.06 RCW. WSR 11-23-054, § 357-04-130, filed 11/10/11, effective 12/13/11.] Repealed by WSR 14-11-034, filed 5/14/14, effective 6/16/14. Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.06 RCW.
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