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PDFWAC 67-55-040

Eligibility criteria.

(1) To be eligible for child and family services an individual must be between the ages of birth through six years of age or fourteen through twenty-one years of age.
(2) Any child below the age of twenty-one years who has completed high school or has discontinued his/her formal education shall not be eligible for child and family services. Such children shall be referred for vocational rehabilitation or other appropriate resources.
(3) Eligibility for child and family services shall be dependent on documentation of a visual impairment including one or more of the following conditions:
(a) Legal blindness or visual handicap as they are customarily defined, either in terms of qualifying reduction in visual acuity and/or a qualifying reduction in visual fields.
(b) A visual impairment which is progressive in nature and can be expected to lead to blindness within a reasonable period of time.
(c) Reductions in both visual acuity and visual fields such that the effect is substantially that of legal blindness, or visual efficiency is so reduced as to have substantially the same effect as legal blindness.
(d) A visual impairment which makes it impossible for a child to compete successfully in school and other childhood endeavors.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.18 RCW. WSR 99-05-005, § 67-55-040, filed 2/4/99, effective 3/7/99. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 194 § 18. WSR 84-01-044 (Order 83-10), § 67-55-040, filed 12/15/83. Formerly WAC 67-50-040.]
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