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PDFWAC 434-626-020

Powers and duties of agency records officers.

To facilitate the state records management program, agency records officers shall have reasonable access to all records of the agency, wherever kept, for the purposes of inventorying and scheduling their retention and transfer and shall perform the following duties.
(1) Approve all records inventory and destruction requests which are submitted to the state records committee by agency offices.
(2) Review the inventory, or manage the inventory, of all agency public records at least once during a biennium for disposition scheduling and transfer action, in accordance with procedures prescribed by the state archivist and the state records committee.
(3) Analyze records inventory data, examine and compare divisional or unit inventories for duplication of records, and recommend to the state archivist and state records committee minimal retentions for all copies commensurate with legal, financial, and administrative needs.
(4) Review established records retention schedules at least biennially to insure that they are complete and current.
(5) Consult with other staff of the agency responsible for the maintenance of specific records regarding records retention and transfer recommendations.
(6) Administer the agency essential records program including an annual review and update of the agency essential records schedule in accordance with chapter 40.10 RCW and procedures established by the state archivist. Participate in the agency disaster preparedness plan as it relates to records protection and recovery in accord with guidelines provided by the state archivist.
(7) Exercise internal control over the acquisition of filing, microfilming, and other recording equipment and services.
(8) Coordinate other aspects of the agency records management program pursuant to law or these regulations.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 40.14 RCW. WSR 93-04-001, ยง 434-626-020, filed 1/21/93, effective 2/21/93.]
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