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PDFWAC 399-20-110

Protection of public records.

To protect the board's public records any person inspecting or copying the records must comply with the following requirements:
(1) Public records may not be removed from the board's offices;
(2) Persons inspecting public records must do so in the presence of a designated board or department employee;
(3) Persons inspecting or copying public records must not mark or deface them in any manner;
(4) Public records maintained in a file jacket, or in chronological order must not be dismantled except for the purposes of copying and then only by a designated board or department employee;
(5) Only board or department employees will have access to file cabinets, shelves, vaults, or other storage areas.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.155.040 (4) and (5). WSR 98-24-010, § 399-20-110, filed 11/19/98, effective 12/20/98. Statutory Authority: 1985 c 446 § 10. WSR 85-24-072 (Order 85-17), § 399-20-110, filed 12/4/85.]
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