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PDFWAC 392-136-010


As used in this chapter:
(1) The term "month of employment" shall mean each calendar month during which an individual is considered by a school or educational service district to be an employee of the district by virtue of the existence of an oral or written contractual relationship which either obligates the individual to perform services during the month or thereafter or obligates the district to provide compensation to the individual during the month or thereafter for services provided, or both.
(2) The terms "full day" and "full day of sick leave" shall each mean and be equivalent to one day of full-time employment for each employee or classification of employees as established by policies now or hereafter adopted by each individual school and educational service district board or by the pertinent terms of applicable collective bargaining contracts, or both.
(3) The term "full-time daily rate of compensation" shall mean the salary of an employee or classification of employees for each full day of employment exclusive of supplemental pay such as extracurricular pay, overtime pay, standby pay and premium pay, and exclusive of fringe benefits such as health insurance premiums and other forms of insurance premiums.
(4) The term "sick leave" shall mean leave granted to an employee for the purpose of absence from work with pay in the event of illness or injury, or both.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.21.360 and 28A.58.096. WSR 84-04-034 (Order 84-2), § 392-136-010, filed 1/26/84. Statutory Authority: 1980 c 182 §§ 5 and 6. WSR 80-12-029 (Order 80-23), § 392-136-010, filed 8/28/80.]
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