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PDFWAC 391-25-486

Special provisionState civil service employees.

(1) The requirement in WAC 391-25-480 (3) and (4) that lists of voters be surrendered shall not apply to elections concerning state civil service employees covered by chapter 41.06 RCW. Upon request, the agency shall provide the parties involved in the election with the names of employees who voted in a mail ballot election.
(2) If the executive director conducts an election involving state civil service employees by on-site balloting procedures, absentee ballots shall be allowed as prescribed in this subsection.
(a) Upon the request of an individual employee, the agency shall provide a notice and absentee ballot to the individual employee.
(b) To be counted, the absentee ballot must be received at the Olympia office of the commission:
(i) Directly from the employee or from the employee via the U.S. Postal Service; and
(ii) Prior to the close of business on the last day the polls are open for the on-site election.
(c) Whenever absentee ballots are issued, the tally of ballots shall be delayed for one or more days after the last day on which the polls are open for the on-site election and shall then be conducted in the commission's Olympia office in a manner which preserves the secrecy of the absentee ballots.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.58.050, 41.80.080. WSR 16-06-019, § 391-25-486, filed 2/22/16, effective 3/24/16.]
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