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WAC 388-826-0090

What does a parent do with the child's Social Security benefits when the parent's child lives outside the parent's home?

(1) When a parent signs a DDD VPA, the DDD social worker shares with the parent a list of representative payee agencies. From the list, parents must select a representative payee for their child's SSI benefits.
(2) Each month, the child's SSI check will be sent to the representative payee. The portion of the check designated for "room and board," the amount that is allowed for basic maintenance while in foster care and when parents are not caring for their child in their own home, is sent to the licensed foster care provider for reimbursement for basic maintenance.
(3) The representative payee sets aside an amount from the child's SSI warrants designated as "client personal incidentals or CPI" and it is entered into a trust account for the child or youth. It is made available for items that are of a direct benefit to the child. The representative payee monitors the account held in trust for the child and notifies the DDD social worker when the account is within three hundred dollars of the maximum reserve exemption allowance.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.13.350. WSR 02-22-057, ยง 388-826-0090, filed 10/31/02, effective 12/1/02.]
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