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PDFWAC 388-310-1100

WorkFirst—Work experience.

(1) What is work experience?
Work experience (sometimes called WEX) is an activity for mandatory participants that will teach you the basics of holding down a job and give you a chance to practice or expand your work skills. Work experience teaches you these skills by assigning you to unpaid work with:
(a) A private, nonprofit organization;
(b) A community or technical college;
(c) A federal, state, local or tribal government or district; or
(d) Any entity providing an internship or practicum as described in WAC 388-310-1000 (2)(b).
(2) What happens when I am enrolled in a work experience activity?
When you are enrolled in a work experience activity:
(a) The organization, government or district that is supervising your work experience position must comply with all applicable state and federal health and safety standards while you are working there.
(b) You may be required to look for work on your own and must accept any paid employment you find that meets the criteria in WAC 388-310-1500.
(3) How long does a work experience assignment last?
Your case manager must review your work experience assignment if it lasts longer than six months. This review will determine whether you need more time to learn the skills and abilities that the work experience assignment was set up to teach you.
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