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PDFWAC 332-120-030


(1) No survey monument shall be removed or destroyed before a permit is obtained as required by this chapter.
(2) Any person, corporation, association, department, or subdivision of the state, county or municipality responsible for an activity that may cause a survey monument to be removed or destroyed shall be responsible for ensuring that the original survey point is perpetuated. It shall be the responsibility of the governmental agency or others performing construction work or other activity (including road or street resurfacing projects) to adequately search the records and the physical area of the proposed construction work or other activity for the purpose of locating and referencing any known or existing survey monuments.
A government agency, when removing a local control point that it has established, shall be exempted from the requirements of this chapter.
(3) Survey monuments subject to this chapter are those monuments marking local control points, geodetic control points, and land boundary survey corners.
In regard to local or geodetic control points the department will defer authorization for the removal or destruction of the survey monument to the agency responsible for the establishment or maintenance of the control point. Such agency may, at their discretion, exempt the applicant from the remonumentation requirements of this chapter. Such exemption shall be noted by the agency on the application form.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(8). WSR 94-06-034 (Order 617), § 332-120-030, filed 2/25/94, effective 3/28/94; Order 131, § 332-120-030, filed 3/1/72, effective 4/7/72.]
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