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PDFWAC 308-15-040

What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for a geologist license?

You are eligible for a geologist license if you submit a complete application according to WAC 308-15-030, demonstrating:
(1) Personal references. You are of good moral character, as attested to by two references.
(2) Education. You have graduated from an accredited college or university with:
(a) A degree in geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology with at least twenty-four semester/thirty-six quarter hours of upper division geology courses; or
(b) A degree in a related geological science approved by the board, and have either:
(i) Successfully completed classes in structural geology, mineralogy, petrology and sedimentary geology/stratigraphy. Twenty-four semester/thirty-six quarter hours must be upper division geology courses; or
(ii) Successfully completed coursework that is determined by the board to be educationally equivalent in content and rigor to the classes listed above. You must submit documentation that demonstrates your coursework is equivalent to the requirements in (b)(i) of this subsection acceptable to the board. Examples of documentation include course syllabi, copies of study materials, and the tables of contents of books used in the course.
(3) Experience. You have at least five years of professional geological experience satisfactory to the board after completing the educational requirements in subsection (2) of this section. Experience earned prior to meeting the minimum educational requirements will not be considered. At least three years of geological experience must be obtained under the supervision of state-licensed geologists or others who, in the opinion of the board, are qualified to have responsible charge. The following may be considered qualifying experience:
(a) Geological research or teaching at the university or college level, which, in the judgment of the board, is comparable to experience obtained in the practice of geology; and
(b) Up to two years' credit for full-time graduate study in geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology or one of the related geological sciences approved by the board.
(4) Examination. You have passed the ASBOG examination according to WAC 308-15-050, or another examination acceptable to the board.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.220.040, 18.220.050. WSR 05-01-174, § 308-15-040, filed 12/21/04, effective 1/21/05. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.220 RCW. WSR 01-12-023, § 308-15-040, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]
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