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Chapter 246-888 WAC

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HTMLPDF246-888-020What is self-administration with assistance and how is it different from independent self-administration or medication administration?
HTMLPDF246-888-030How is self-administration with assistance initiated in a community-based care setting or an in-home setting?
HTMLPDF246-888-045What is an enabler?
HTMLPDF246-888-050How can medications be altered to assist with self-administration?
HTMLPDF246-888-060Can all medications be altered to facilitate self-administration?
HTMLPDF246-888-070What other type of assistance can a nonpractitioner provide?
HTMLPDF246-888-080Is oxygen covered under this rule?
HTMLPDF246-888-090If a individual/resident is able to administer his or her own oral medication through a gastrostomy or "g-tube," can a nonpractitioner provide assistance as outlined in these rules?
HTMLPDF246-888-100Are there any other requirements I need to be aware of?
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