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PDFWAC 246-869-100

Prescription record requirements.

(1) Records for the original prescription and refill records shall be maintained on the filled prescription or in a separate record book or patient medication record. Such records must be maintained for a period of at least two years and shall be made available for inspection to representatives of the board of pharmacy.
(2) The pharmacist shall be required to insure that the following information be recorded:
(a) Original prescription—At the time of dispensing, a serial number, date of dispensing, and the initials of the responsible pharmacist shall be placed on the face of the prescription. The patient's address must be readily available to the pharmacist, either from the face of the prescription, a record book, patient medication record, or hospital or clinic record.
(b) Refill prescription authorization—Refills for prescription for legend drugs must be authorized by the prescriber prior to the dispensing of the refill prescription.
(c) Refill prescription—At the time of dispensing, the date of refilling, quantity of the drug (if other than original), the name of authorizing person (if other than original), and the initials of the responsible pharmacist shall be recorded on the back side of the prescription, or in a separate record book or patient medication record.
(d) Prescription refill limitations—No prescription may be refilled for a period longer than one year from the date of the original prescription. "PRN" prescriptions shall expire at the end of one year. Expired prescriptions require authorization before filling. If granted a new prescription shall be written and placed in the files.
(e) Prescription copies—Prescription copies and prescription labels presented for filling must be considered as informational only, and may not be used as the sole document. The prescriber shall be contacted for complete information and authorization. If granted, a new prescription shall be written and placed on file. Copies of prescriptions must be clearly identified as such on the face of the prescription. The transfer of original prescription information is permitted if the provisions of WAC 246-869-090 are met.
(f) Emergency refills—If the prescriber is not available and in the professional judgment of the pharmacist an emergency need for the medication has been demonstrated, the pharmacist may dispense enough medication to last until a prescriber can be contacted - but not to exceed 72 hours' supply. The prescriber shall be promptly notified of the emergency refill.
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