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PDFWAC 246-855-020

Acupuncture assistant education.

Each applicant for an authorization to perform acupuncture must present evidence satisfactory to the board which discloses in detail the formal schooling or other type of training the applicant has previously undertaken which qualifies him or her as a practitioner of acupuncture. Satisfactory evidence of formal schooling or other training may include, but is not limited to, certified copies of certificates or licenses which acknowledge that the person has the qualifications to practice acupuncture, issued to an applicant by the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), People's Republic of China, Korea or Japan. Whenever possible, all copies of official diplomas, transcripts and licenses or certificates should be forwarded directly to the board from the issuing agency rather than from the applicant. Individuals not licensed by the listed countries must document their education by means of transcripts, diplomas, patient logs verified by the preceptor, or by other means requested by the board. Applicants for registration must have successfully completed the following training:
(1) The applicant must have completed a minimum of two academic years or 72 quarter credits of undergraduate college education in the general sciences and humanities prior to entering an acupuncture training program. The obtaining of a degree is not required for the educational credits to qualify. Credits granted by the college towards prior life experience will not be accepted under this requirement.
(2) The applicant must have successfully completed a course of didactic training in basic sciences and acupuncture over a period of two academic years. The basic science training must include a minimum of 250 hours or 21 quarter credits and include such subjects as anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, biochemistry, pathology, hygiene and a survey in Western clinical sciences. The basic science classes must be equivalent to courses given in accredited bachelor of science programs. The acupuncture training must include a minimum of 700 hours or 58 quarter credits in acupuncture theory, and acupuncture diagnosis and treatment techniques. The board will not accept credits obtained on the basis of challenging an exam. Transfer credits from accredited colleges or board approved acupuncture programs will be accepted.
(3) The applicant must have successfully completed a course of clinical training in acupuncture over a period of one academic year. The training must include a minimum of 100 hours or 9 quarter credits of observation, which shall include case presentation and discussion. The observation portion of the clinical training may be conducted during the didactic training but will be considered part of the clinical training for calculation of hours or credits. There must also be a minimum of 350 hours or 29 quarter credits of supervised practice, consisting of 400 separate patient treatments. A minimum of 120 different patients must have been treated.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.57.005. WSR 90-24-055 (Order 100B), recodified as § 246-855-020, filed 12/3/90, effective 1/31/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.57A.020. WSR 83-16-024 (Order PL 440), § 308-138B-100, filed 7/27/83. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.57.005 and 18.57A.020. WSR 82-17-005 (Order PL 402), § 308-138B-100, filed 8/5/82. Formerly WAC 308-138-100.]
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