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PDFWAC 246-854-010

Approved training and additional skills or procedures.

(1) "Board approved program" means a physician assistant program accredited by:
(a) The committee on allied health education and accreditation (CAHEA);
(b) The commission on accreditation of allied health education programs (CAAHEP);
(c) The accreditation review committee on education for the physician assistant (ARC-PA); or
(d) Other substantially equivalent organization(s) approved by the board.
(2) An individual enrolled in a board approved program for physician assistants may function only in direct association with his or her precepting physician or a delegated alternate physician in the immediate clinical setting. A trainee may not function in a remote site or in the absence of the preceptor.
(3) If an osteopathic physician assistant is being trained to perform additional skills or procedures beyond those established by the board, the training must be carried out under the direct, personal supervision of the supervising osteopathic physician or other qualified physician familiar with the delegation agreement of the osteopathic physician assistant. The training arrangement must be mutually agreed upon by the supervising osteopathic physician and the osteopathic physician assistant.
(4) To become approved to perform newly acquired skills or procedures an osteopathic physician assistant shall submit a request in writing to the board. The request must include a certificate by the program director or other acceptable evidence showing that he or she was trained in the additional skill or procedure for which authorization is requested. The board will review the evidence to determine whether the applicant has adequate knowledge to perform the additional skill or procedure.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.57.005, 18.57A.020, 18.57A.040, 18.130.050, and 2013 c 203. WSR 15-03-013, § 246-854-010, filed 1/8/15, effective 2/8/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.57.005, 18.57A.020. WSR 07-11-057, § 246-854-010, filed 5/11/07, effective 6/11/07.]
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