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PDFWAC 246-812-200

Approval of denturist program.

At the board's discretion, the board may accept proof of a national professional association's approval of a program based on standards and requirements which are substantially equivalent to those identified in this chapter, in lieu of the requirements contained in this chapter. Approval in this manner must be on a form provided by the board. The board will consider for approval any program which meets the requirements as outlined in this chapter.
(1) To request board approval of a denturist education program, the authorized representative must submit to the board an application provided by the board.
(2) The authorized representative may request approval of the program as of the date of the application or retroactively to a specified date. The board approval is valid for five years. The approved program must reapply for renewed approval not less than one hundred eighty days prior to the expiration date.
(3) The application for approval of a program must include, but not be limited to, the standards identified in WAC 246-812-220.
(4) The board may conduct a site inspection of the program prior to granting approval.
(5) After completing the evaluation of the application, the board may grant or deny approval, or grant approval conditioned upon appropriate modification to the application.
(6) If the board denies an application or grants conditional approval, the authorized representative of the applicant program may request a review within ninety days of the board's decision. After ninety days, the applicant program may only obtain review by submitting a new application.
(7) The authorized representative must notify the board within thirty days of any significant changes including, but not limited to, educational administration, instructor qualifications, facilities, or content of training.
(8) The board may inspect an approved program at reasonable intervals for compliance. Approval may be withdrawn if the board finds failure to comply with the requirements of law, this chapter, or representations in the program's application under this chapter.
(9) The authorized representative must correct deficiencies which resulted in withdrawal of the board's approval within timelines specified by the board. The program must present its correction plan and evidence of actions taken to the board for approval.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.30 RCW and 2013 c 171. WSR 14-24-033, ยง 246-812-200, filed 11/24/14, effective 12/25/14.]
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